September 2022

Statement at the opening ceremony of the Square of "Independence" on the occasion of the 31st Anniversary of the State Independence

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Submitted by Ҳайати тадорукот on 8 September, 2022 - 11:19

Dear compatriots!
Honorable residents of the capital city!
Distinguished attendees!

I would like to cordially congratulate all the glorious people of Tajikistan, the residents of the capital city of Dushanbe and all of you – participants of this grand celebration event on the great national holiday – the 31st Anniversary of State Independence, as well as on the occasion of the official inauguration of the “Istiqlol” square and monument, and wish all citizens peace, prosperity, good health and happiness.

The State Independence is the beginning of a completely new era in the history of Tajik statehood, a new stage in the formation of our national identity and the greatest holiday for the people of Tajikistan.

Independence and freedom are the source of glory and privilege of our people, thanks to which we have been striving tirelessly for the sake of prosperity of our beloved Motherland for more than three decades.

Inspired by the dedicated work of the honorable people of Tajikistan, I would like to proudly and pleasingly indicate that on the eve of the 31st anniversary of State Independence celebration the opening of such a beautiful square and a magnificent monument as a symbol of independence and freedom in the capital city – Dushanbe is another achievement of the people of the country.

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