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The Statement of the President of Republic of Tajikistan H.E. Emomali Rahmon at the closing ceremony of the UN 2023 Water Conference

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Submitted by Ҳайати тадорукот on 25 March, 2023 - 13:10


Distinguished delegates,

We came together in thousands, in New York these last three days, for the second ever, first in 46 years UN 2023 Water Conference.

We came together because of the urgency: the water is connected to everything else: food, health, climate, nature, culture, and our economies.

And we came together because of the opportunity: water is connected to everything life. It’s indeed life itself.

We know we must radically change the way we understand, value and manage water. There is a need for a new water vision that will reflect the prospects for the development of water resources for the period after 2030, which in its turn will help to reinforce the role of freshwater resources in the next global agenda.

These three days were empowering: we brought the world to New Yok, now we can bring water action to the world.

The water challenges are affecting us all, everywhere.

Your input and reflections in the five interactive dialogues, in the special events and the hundreds of side events showed that our principles of this conference were no empty ambitions: inclusive, cross sectoral and action oriented.

We have to strengthen the nexus approach for water with food, health, cities and rural areas, as well as energy and climate, and make water the driver for sustainable development.

This precious and limited resource, fresh water, is the lever for scaling up climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience. When treated right it helps curb biodiversity decline through water sustainability at scale.

In public-private partnerships water drives innovation to help us reinvent the future, without replicating the past.

We need the best data and capacity for early warning for all, paired with scaled up capacity, to revolutionize how countries are equipped to address increasing flood, drought, and water related risks holistically and inclusive.

All of this we have to get finance, investments and water management right: across all scales, interests, geographies, and borders, inclusive and in partnership.

The Republic of Tajikistan and the Kingdom of the Netherlands worked together with all of you. We became true partners in water, sharing the same values and representing the full water cycle; from source to sea. From the mountains, glaciers and mighty rivers in my beautiful home country Tajikistan, to the delta, the coast and the islands in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

We know that this conference in the mid term of the Water Action Decade is only the beginning!

All your commitments are registered in the Water Action Agenda, we will validate, and evaluate for scaling and replication as the backbone for the follow-up process.

The Water Action Agenda will have to get a concrete follow-up in the three key upcoming UN Summits: the SDG Summit 2023, the Summit of the Future 2024, and the World Social Summit 2025, and through the annual HLPF, COP’s and other UN processes and of course the Dushanbe Water Process. Availing this opportunity, I would like to invite you all to attend the next Dushanbe International Water Decade Conference to be held in 2024.

Thank you for being with us in NY, thank you for your collective partnership.

I’m more inspired today to take action on water. Together we can!

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Statement at the opening ceremony of the Square of "Independence" on the occasion of the 31st Anniversary of the State Independence

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Dear compatriots!
Honorable residents of the capital city!
Distinguished attendees!

I would like to cordially congratulate all the glorious people of Tajikistan, the residents of the capital city of Dushanbe and all of you – participants of this grand celebration event on the great national holiday – the 31st Anniversary of State Independence, as well as on the occasion of the official inauguration of the “Istiqlol” square and monument, and wish all citizens peace, prosperity, good health and happiness.

The State Independence is the beginning of a completely new era in the history of Tajik statehood, a new stage in the formation of our national identity and the greatest holiday for the people of Tajikistan.

Independence and freedom are the source of glory and privilege of our people, thanks to which we have been striving tirelessly for the sake of prosperity of our beloved Motherland for more than three decades.

Inspired by the dedicated work of the honorable people of Tajikistan, I would like to proudly and pleasingly indicate that on the eve of the 31st anniversary of State Independence celebration the opening of such a beautiful square and a magnificent monument as a symbol of independence and freedom in the capital city – Dushanbe is another achievement of the people of the country.

We are grateful to be blessed with independence and freedom due to which we have established thousands of large and small facilities across our beloved country, including this grand “Istiqlol” monument.

Recently, thanks to the constructive initiatives and efforts of the leadership of the Executive Body of the Dushanbe city government, the patriotic determination of country’s decent specialists, entrepreneurs and Tajik constructors, the creation of industrial enterprises, social institutions, innovative roads and bridges, sports grounds, modernized parks, boulevards, as well as service centers in the capital receives an unprecedented acceleration.

The purpose of building the "Istiqlol" monument in the capital of our country - Dushanbe, first of all, is protection of the historical and cultural values of the Tajik people, embodiment of significant pillars of statehood, enhancement of the sense of national self-consciousness and introduction of ideas of independence and freedom into the minds and conscience of people of the country, especially adolescents and youth.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the management of the Executive Body of the City Government, architects, specialists, builders and all those who made a patriotic contribution to the formation of the splendid “Istiqlol” monument and creation of such an attractive square.

Dear compatriots!

All efforts, productive and constructive initiatives, strategic plans and goals of the Government of Tajikistan, implemented during the years of independence, are aimed at creating decent living conditions for every resident of the country, ensuring its energy independence and food security, and turning our beloved Motherland into a developed and industrial state.

I in this regard would like to make one important point.

Today, the glorious people of the country are well aware that all the successes of Tajikistan, first of all, have been achieved thanks to independence and freedom, peace and tranquility, political stability and national unity, that is, the indissoluble unity of the Tajik people.

We have to continue to make our historical land even more prosperous and beautiful by our cohesion and collective efforts, mobilize all our opportunities for the development of an independent state and increasing its prestige in the international arena.

In this process, all citizens of the country, whether old or young, should deeply realize the importance and necessity of protecting the State independence and strengthening the basics of national statehood of Tajiks, remember that every step and initiative taken today by each of us is for the sake of people of Tajikistan and a prosperous future of our children, that is, future generations.

From this point of view, it is necessary that our people, especially the younger generation of the country consider the idea of national independence as an important and integral part of their life and existence, pride and honor, a national mentality, and make efforts to strengthen it.

We must always remember that State Independence is the most sacred and greatest achievement of the people of Tajikistan, the most precious gift of our life, pride and honor for every resident of the country, the source of all the successes and achievements of the glorious people of Tajikistan.

Current events in today's world full of contrasts call on each of us keep our eyes out, to defend independence and freedom - the greatest gift of our life, the interests of the state and nation.

I repeat once again that all our efforts must be mobilized for the sake of the improvement of our dear Motherland and bringing our beloved Tajikistan to the ranks of developed countries.

We must pay constant and priority attention to promoting the essence of modern national statehood, respect for the rule of law, the values of peace and tranquility, political stability and national unity, that is, the achievements of State independence.

I take this opportunity to call on the glorious and honorable people of our dear Tajikistan to love their Motherland as much as their own soul, to be grateful for this holy land, to be ready to protect it from all the threats of the modern world, to do everything possible for the prosperity and improvement of this paradise-like homeland.

I am absolutely confident in the aspirations and plans of the glorious people of Tajikistan, especially the patriotic youth, and I know that you, as always, will decently fulfill your honorable mission to improve the Motherland.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate all proud citizens of the country, residents of the Capital city and you, honorable present, on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of State Independence, the official commissioning of the “Istiklol” monument and “Istiklol” Square, which is a symbol of the national statehood of Tajiks, and I wish each and every one of you a peaceful life, good luck and new achievements.

Long live the glorious, heroic, patriotic, proud, hardworking and selfless people of Tajikistan!

May peace and tranquility, political stability, national unity, progress and prosperity reign forever in our native Tajikistan!

Long live our beloved Motherland – free and sovereign Tajikistan!

My dear Tajikistan!

Forward, towards progress and development, new victories and achievements!

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Congratulatory address of the Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon on the occasion of the Eid al-Fitr holiday

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Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate all of you and our compatriots living abroad on the occasion of the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

I wish every family in the country, first of all, health, happiness, a prosperous life, and our beloved Tajikistan - peace, stability, tranquility, and further improvement.

I want to note with satisfaction that the glorious people of Tajikistan during the holy month of Ramadan, along with the fulfilment of all religious duties, worked conscientiously for the prosperity of the Motherland and the well-being of every family in the country, and also adhered to the good tradition of our nation supporting orphans, the disabled, low-income families, the sick and those left without caregivers.

Indeed, the wisdom and prosperity of the month of Ramadan and the holy holiday of Fitr are the educational means of a pious, benevolent, caring person striving for good deeds.

This year we are celebrating the traditional Muslim holiday - Holy Fitr at a time when the modern world is in a state of great crisis and tensions, and human community is going through one of the most difficult periods in its history.

At present, the situation on the planet has become more complicated than ever with political and military conflicts, economic and financial sanctions, which stem from efforts on redivision of the world.

This chaotic situation has led to a severe economic and financial crisis that has made life difficult for people in many regions and countries of the world.

In addition, global challenges - climate change and its consequences - droughts, lack of water and natural disasters, as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, have led to food shortages and rising prices for all goods and services.

In such conditions, we should be grateful for the independence and freedom of our Motherland, appreciate the greatest benefits that we have achieved as a result of enormous work - peace, tranquility, political stability and national unity, and guard them like the apple of our eye.

In order to prevent the negative impact of the current situation and the mentioned factors on the life of our people and ensure the sustainable development of all spheres of the national economy, we must work harder than ever to ensure the efficient and rational use of the richest natural resources of our country - land and water, produce more foodstuffs.

We must also put our national and state interests above all other interests and direct all our efforts towards the prosperity of our paradise-like Tajikistan and the progress of our independent state.

The sacred religion of Islam, full of moral precepts and ideas, guides every Muslim to good deeds.

Gratitude for the benefits of independence and freedom, peace and stability is also one of the good virtues, especially in today's difficult and dangerous conditions.

The Almighty Allah says in Surah “Ibrahim”, the seventh verse of the Holy Qur'an: “And remember when your Lord proclaimed: “If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more. But if you are ungrateful, surely My punishment is severe.”

In this regard, I want to remind you that thanksgiving is expressed not only in words, but also in reasonable behavior, patriotic aspirations and constructive, creative intentions, initiatives of each of us.

In this sense, one of the hadiths of the Prophet of Islam says that love for the Motherland is the cornerstone of faith.

Therefore, every person who realizes this with honor and dignity, to whom the future of the Motherland, state and nation is dear, including educators, all other representatives of the intelligentsia, activists, parents, civil servants, as well as religious figures, needs to educate adolescents and youth of the country, that is, the generation behind which is the future of the country, in the spirit of patriotism, respect and protection of national values, and which is very important, honor independence and freedom, history, language and national culture.

I emphasize once again that the main goal of the Government of the country is to upbring a well-educated generation loyal to its Motherland, people and state, literate, creative, humane and hardworking.

In the future, only well-educated and courteous individuals, highly qualified specialists, inventors and innovators will be able to become the real masters of their country and contribute to the development of the state.

I want to remind you that in the turbulent conditions of the modern world, our society, especially young people, must always be vigilant, not give in to unhealthy and extremist ideas, strive to protect national values with a high sense of national self-consciousness and devotion to the Motherland.

We must explain to teenagers and youth that in the future our Motherland will not be developed by anyone except them, that is, the sons and daughters of the period of independence.

We are also obliged to educate teenagers and young people on the basis of national morality and, above all, respect for parents and adults.

Dear compatriots!

On the eve and on the day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, doing good deeds, such as material and spiritual support for orphans and the disabled, the poor, the needy and the elderly, is one of the things that has become a good tradition in our society.

According to Islamic teachings, giving alms opens the door to goodness and increases the blessings of life.

In verse 60 of Surah “At-Tauba” of the Holy Qur’an, it is said that alms are intended primarily for the poor and the needy.

At the same time, I would like to recall one issue, namely, that on this sacred day, one should not forget about thrift and economy, given the difficulties and challenges that have arisen around the world, not show off and not allow waste, but support orphans and the disabled, the needy and the poor.

In an extremely difficult year in the history of mankind, when providing the population of many countries with food has become a serious problem, our dear compatriots should reasonably and responsibly treat the issue of economy and frugality on the day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday and other days.

Along with the fulfillment of religious duties, we must support each other, be kind and caring to each other, make our Motherland more prosperous and beautiful, and create favorable conditions for our people’s decent life.

I am sure that our dear compatriots will continue to take an active part in the implementation of creative initiatives and make a valuable contribution to the prosperity of our beloved Motherland.

I sincerely congratulate once again all the noble people of the country and our compatriots abroad on the occasion of the sacred Eid al-Fitr holiday and wish every inhabitant of Tajikistan good health, abundance and well-being in their homes.

Happy Eid al-Fitr, dear compatriots!

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Congratulatory address of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon on the occasion of the Sada holiday

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Congratulatory address of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon on the occasion of the Sada holiday

Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate all of you on the occasion of the advent of a holiday of our ancient people, which came down from the depths of centuries – the Sada holiday.

Sada, along with truly popular holidays – Navruz, Tirgon and Mehrgon, is one of the oldest traditions of the peoples of Aryan origin, including us Tajiks, and after many centuries had passed, it was revived anew during the period of independence of Tajikistan.

In accordance with the traditional Tajik calendars, the Sada holiday falls on the winter’s fortieth day, during the period of cold weather, and gives the news that winter and the cold season are coming to a close and the spring season and the beginning of agricultural work are approaching.

From this ancient holiday to the present day, a number of traditions and customs, cultural and literary patterns, experience laid down by farmers have been inherited, and these spiritual values unite today's generations with more than six thousand years of history of our people.

In this regard, let me remind you that in the context of the ever-increasing expansion of the globalization process, the recognition of ancient history, pride in the millennia-old culture and civilization of our people, the revival of the best ancient traditions and customs, bringing them into line with today's spiritual and moral values strengthen our historical self-awareness and our national mentality .

According to the historical and literary sources of our ancestors, the Sada holiday is a symbol of warmth, light and the victory of man over dark forces.

In accordance with the data arising from the immortal "Shahnameh" of Hakim Abulqosim Firdavsi, this holiday was founded by Shah Hushang in honor of the fact that a person learned to kindle a fire, use and manage it.

For this reason, for many centuries, our ancestors considered bonfires to be a symbol of this holiday and its veneration.

It should also be noted that the Sada holiday from the beginning of its appearance and with the development of agriculture has acquired socio-economic significance and has become one of the ways to promote and encourage agricultural and horticultural work.

Therefore, farmers revere this great holiday more than other strata of society, and it is quite possible that the Sada holiday survived and was preserved up to date thanks to dehkans.

During the period of independence, we celebrate the Sada Festival as a ritual of farmers and gardeners, and in general, as a folk tradition. And we are making efforts to clarify its good ideas and creative essence, such as love for the Motherland, unity and peaceful life of people, respect for nature and hard work in the name of productivity and abundance.

Therefore, these days, our farmers need to harvest high-quality crop seeds and grow seedlings to a sufficient extent, complete irrigation, clear ditches and trim trees, in other words, comprehensively prepare for spring sowing and lay the foundation for a rich harvest.

Fifty days and fifty nights before the onset of Navruz, the celebration of Sada encourages us to expand the preparatory work in the name of a worthy meeting of Navruz, which has received the status of International, the successful start of spring sowing.

I am sure that the farmers of the country will accelerate preparations for the spring season, and this year they will receive more products than last year, and will make a worthy contribution to ensuring the consumer market, abundance of people in the dastarkhans and protecting the food security of the republic.

I emphasize that in the very difficult conditions of the modern world, such work is very necessary and important.

Indeed, during the celebration of Sada, the organization of exhibitions of local organic sweets and dried fruits helps attract guests and tourists, and along with this, become a means of promoting the work of farmers, gardeners and artisans.

In the Address of the Head of State, in order to ensure the further development of various sectors of the country's economy, 2022-2026 were declared the "Years of Industrial Development".

Within the framework of this five-year plan, the development of the agro-industrial complex and the food industry, in particular, the creation of industrial enterprises for the processing of fruits and vegetables and their export, as an important area of the country's industry, is considered one of our main goals.

Let me also remind you that works on creation, landscaping and nature protection, improvement of squares and streets, cleansing of dwellings and keeping them clean are ancient traditions of the Sada holiday.

I am confident that the glorious Tajik people will continue and expand these wonderful traditions as a valuable national heritage.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you – dear compatriots, all the inhabitants of our beloved Tajikistan, whether old or young, on the ancient holiday of Sada and wish the family of each of you happiness, prosperity, abundance, joyful and optimistic mood.

Happy Sada holiday, dear compatriots!

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Address by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Parliament of the Republic of Tajikistan

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Submitted by Ҳайати тадорукот on 26 December, 2019 - 18:03
Паёми Президенти Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон, Пешвои миллат, муҳтарам Эмомалӣ Раҳмон ба Маҷлиси Олӣ

Distinguished Members of Senate and Lower Chamber of the Parliament!

Esteemed Compatriots!

This year is recorded as another successful year with the achievements and progress made by our people in the history of independent Tajikistan.

Implementation of activities mentioned in the “National Development Strategy of Tajikistan to 2030” and “Mid-term Development Program of Tajikistan for 2016-2020” facilitated making firm steps in achieving our supreme objective, i.e. improving the living standards of the noble people on Tajikistan.

In 2019, the real growth of GDP made 7.5% and this indicator was achieved through increased production of industrial products by 13.4%, agricultural products by 7.1%, trade by 8% and fee-based services by 1.6%.

During the last seven years, the average annual growth of the country’s economy constituted 7% and the GDP increased from 45.6 billion TJS in 2013 to 78 billion TJS in 2019.

In this period, the public budget increased by almost two times and reached 23 billion TJS in 2019 against 12 billion TJS in 2013. During these years, the population income increased by more than two times and the average salary of every employee did so by 2.4 times. The outstanding savings in the banking system in 2019 accounted to more than 9.5 billion TJS and it has increased by 45% during the last seven years.

The poverty rate declined to 27.5% and the average longevity went up to 75 years. Concurrently, based on analysis the mortality indicator decreased by almost two times, including the mortality among the children under the age of five by 3.2 times during the independence period. While the private sector’s share in GDP was 54% in 2013, it reached 70% in 2019. Overall, the targets for seven years envisaged in 2013 in the Presidential election campaign were reached.

The Government is mandated to pay a priority attention to the quality of the national economy’s development, human capacity building, expansion of the final products production with the use of latest technologies and through introduction of innovations, fostering population’s economic activity, enhancement of the system for support of entrepreneurship and investment, as well as expansion of digital economy.

Increasingly tense trade competitions between countries urges us to undertake necessary actions in estimating risks and minimizing their impact on our national economy as well as improvement of the competitiveness of domestic production. In this regard, the Government is mandated to undertake necessary measures to increase our GDP to 87.4 billion TJS, and ensure its annual growth at the rate of 7.8% and ensure 26 billion TJS of the public budget revenue in 2020. It is also important for the Government to ensure the real growth of GDP at the rate of 7-8% annually, its volume by more than 1.8 times and the GDP per capita by 1.7 times, and increase the share of middle class to 45% of the total population and reduce the poverty rate to 18% during the next seven years.

Now we are about to complete the first phase and to start the second phase of Tajikistan’s National Development Strategy to 2030. In this regard, the Government is requested to develop and adopt mid-term development program for 2021-2025 by the end of 2020.

With a view to introducing digital technologies in socio-economic sectors at the earliest possible, about which I emphasized in my Address of the last year, the Government also needs to develop and implement the Concept of Digital Economy and based on that the mid-term program for digital economy development.

In the context of market economy and digitalization of administration and production, the public authorities need to adjust the unified economic policy focusing on the use of market-based mechanisms and methods only.

At the meeting I had with representatives from financial, tax, customs, investment and banking system institutions, I made a special request to draft revised tax code. The officials in charge need to focus on encouragement of local producers and ensuring further simplification and clear system of tax administration and improvement of investment climate while drafting this document.

We need to pay a serious attention to private sector’s development and ensure a unified legal framework for operation of all economic actors disregard of their ownership form.

In order to protect and support entrepreneurship and encourage investments, the Government introduced more than 30 additional incentives and benefits in the areas of light industry, agriculture, pharmacy, poultry, animal husbandry, tourism and other priority sectors during the last three years.

Between 2016 and 2018 alone, the incentives we introduced amounted to more than 15 billion TJS as the financial contribution of the State to development of socio-economic sectors. Furthermore, during the last three years the number of business inspections decreased by six times thanks to the reforms implemented by the Government. While in 2016 almost 300 000 inspections of businesses were carried out, this year 48 000 inspections took place only.

Our objective from improvement of the legislation which is aimed at supporting and developing the private sector, particularly production of final products, is to introduce a clear system of taxation, simplify procedures for permits and licensing and decrease their number, align the procedures for delivery of public services with the latest requirements and introduce incentive measures.

The Government and the Parliament need to pay a primary attention to these issues while discussing and improving the legislation, particularly the revised tax code.

The Government, having paid a special attention to investment of economy’s sectors as a core tool for expedited industrialization, has been undertaking specific measures to improve investment climate and encourage more foreign direct investments.

Different sectors of economy received 57.3 billion TJS of foreign investment, including almost 30 billion TJS of direct investments during 2013-2019.

It is expected that the documents we have adopted will make it possible to encourage greater amount of foreign direct investment and its share would reach 10% of the GDP in 2020.

We implemented more than 80 public investment projects and channeled 13.2 billion TJS of public investment to the country’s economy between 2013 and 2019 for implementation of priorities mentioned in programs. Currently the portfolio of ongoing public investment projects includes 66 initiatives with the total amount of 32.4 billion TJS. There are plans to implement additionally 23 new public investment projects with the total amount of 3.8 billion TJS in 2020.

The State Committee for Investment and State Property Management, ministries and agencies and governors of province, district and town need to radically change their activities to improve the investment and business environment and use of different incentive tools by mobilizing all available resources and windows of the country’s economy.

It is also important to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign companies to encourage foreign direct investment with a view to creating small and medium manufacturing enterprises, particularly in the sectors of light and food industries.

The Government is mandated to establish a bank to fulfill the tasks of the Business Support Fund with a view to supporting the small and medium enterprises, particularly production enterprises, and local exporters. At the same time, it is important to incrementally increase public budget funding annually in order to ensure effective lending performance of this bank.

In the nearest future, the public policy on trade and services should focus on three main areas: encouragement of export, diversity of export oriented production and simplification of trade procedures.

To this end, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Customs Authorities, Agency for Export Promotion, and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce need to intensify their activities in enforcement of the Single Window for export, import and transit and undertake practical measures to integrate into the general system of preferences and “green corridors”.

Though the structure of export includes more than 450 goods and products produced by local enterprises, the share of export in foreign trade increased from 18.9% in 2013 to 27.4% in 2019. It is still not satisfactory. This means that the growth rate is still low. In this period, the export of cement, cotton yarn, metals, concentrates, carpets, and some other products increased while the export of alumina, cotton fiber, canned products, fruits and vegetables, cocoon and tobacco products declined for various reasons.

The Government is mandated to channel all available resources in the coming years to strengthen the country’s export capacity, increase the export share of final industrial products and eliminate existing administrative barriers.

One of the issues in promotion of export is the lack of presentation of locally produced products and insufficient participation in international exhibitions. This situation requires the officials in charge to foster their activities in this area.

To this end, in order to ensure access to information on the list of export products and manufacturing enterprises, it is crucial to improve Tajikistan’s trade portal and the industrial enterprises need to launch their websites to present their products and find out foreign partners. The Ministry of Industry and Innovative Technologies needs to regularly publish relevant information reflecting the name of enterprises, the list of export products and other important data with the use of international experience in order to present local products.

Currently, it is hard to find adequate information about our industrial enterprises and their products overseas. Website of enterprises is the most effective way for presentation of industrial products. Participation in exhibitions of industrial products in other countries is another way for promotion of products for sale. Thus, it is important to widely avail all of these tools.)

In this regard, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Agency for Export Promotion need to draft 2021-2025 program for industrial development and submit it to the Government for its review.

Additionally, I also have to outline that the access of entrepreneurs, particularly goods producers to long and affordable finance continues to remain as an issue.

The banking system needs to promote the development of the economy’s real sectors, active performance of the private sector and the foreign trade and serve as the main source for financial support of our strategic objectives.

Therefore, the National Bank needs to reveal the reasons for declining domestic and foreign investments for establishment of new banks and decreased value of the newly established banks’ statutory funds and focus the fiscal, monetary and foreign trade policy to development of economy and growth of export.

The National Bank of Tajikistan jointly with the State Savings Bank of ‘Amonatbonk’ need to undertake immediate measures to significantly increase the amount and decrease the interest rate of loan for production sectors.

The National Bank jointly with relevant public authorities needs to undertake specific measures to maintain the inflation rate within the envisaged targets. It also needs to undertake measures to establish branch offices of individual banks from partner countries with a view to ensuring favorable environment for operation of production enterprises with partner investments.

Dear Members of Parliament!

We proclaimed accelerated industrialization as the fourth strategic objective of our country; hence, the industrial development lays foundation for sustainable economy and its competitiveness. The measures undertaken during the last seven years resulted in increasing the production of industrial products by almost 3 times (from 10 billion TJS in 2013 to 27.5 billion TJS in 2019) and the share of the sector in GDP by 5.1 percentage points (from 12.6% to 17.7% respectively). However, the sector’s indicators are still low to ensure quality implementation of adopted programs and the activities on improvement of competitiveness of local products and implementation of the policy on facilitation of export and import substitution are not satisfactory yet.

Therefore, the management of the Ministry of Industry and Innovative Technologies, State Committee for Investment and State Property Management, Local Development Committee and the Agency for Export Promotion jointly with governors of province, district and town need to undertake necessary measures to select sites based on principle of full supply chain of “raw material - production of final products – exploring markets”.

The State Committee for Investment and State Property Management, Agency for Export Promotion jointly with governors of province, district and town need to undertake continuous measures to build capacity of entrepreneurs on development of business plans. With a view to developing investment projects based on local raw materials and their submission to investors, it is important to establish a special agreements unit within the ‘TojInvest’ State Unitary Enterprise of the State Committee for Investment and State Property Management.

The Government’s efforts during the last five years led to signing 14 investment agreements with foreign and domestic investment companies encouraging foreign direct investments amounting more than 14 billion TJS, the implementation of which resulted in establishment of 20 brand new manufacturing enterprises.

Currently, 12 public investment projects on energy amounting 16.1 billion TJS in total are under implementation. We launched two units of Roghun HPP within these projects. In 2019, the rehabilitation of Norak and Kairakum HPPs with the amount of 5.5 billion TJS started and similar projects in HPP of Sarband with the amount of 1.3 billion TJS and other projects in the energy system are ongoing. Rehabilitation of Sarband HPP will complete in early 2021 which will increase the plant’s capacity to almost 45 MWt.

Nowadays, activities to start construction of Sebzor HPP in Roshtkala District of GBAO are ongoing intensively. To this end, the Government will channel more than 470 million TJS of public investment, and we plan to launch this important facility in 2022. Implementation of energy projects made it possible to increase power generation by 1.3 times (from 16bn kW/h to 20bn kW/h) during the last seven year between 2013 and 2019.

With regard to this issue, I would like to mandate the Government to undertake necessary measures in order to ensure effective and efficient use of power through application of energy efficiency technologies, establishment of capacities and power networks, renovation and rehabilitation of existing assets, introduction of latest system for power control and metering and reduction of electricity loss.

Construction of transport infrastructure is crucial to transfer Tajikistan into a transit country and facilitate export of local products. Currently, 11 public investment projects on transport with the amount of more than 8.5 billion TJS are under implementation.

Projects on renovation and construction of Obigarm – Nurobod section in Vahdat – Karamik (Lakhsh) highway with the amount of 3.5 billion TJS, Kalaikhumb – Vanj road with the project cost of 2.2 billion TJS, Hulbuk – Temurmalik with the amount of 200 million TJS, and construction of the 7th bridge located in Kokul area on Panj River between Tajikistan and Afghanistan and 18 km motorway with the total amount of 70 million TJS will start in 2020.

Nowadays, activities on renovation and construction of the motorways of Dushanbe – Bokhtar, Khujand – Isfara, Kulob – Shamsiddin Shohin, Shikev – Qal’aikhumb, and Kulob – Muminobod with the amount of more than 4 billion TJS are ongoing and these roads will be commissioned by the 30th anniversary of our State independence.

The Ministry of Transport jointly with the State Committee for Investment and State Property Management are mandated to undertake necessary measures to explore investments for construction of anti-avalanche galleries in vulnerable sections of Dushanbe – Chanoq highway. Additionally, the Ministry of Transport is requested to foster its activities on development of projects for renovation and reconstruction of the highways of Khujand – Konibodom, Bokhtar – Dangara – Kulob, Bokhtar – Nosiri Khusrav and other roads.

I also have to note that during the last 3 years alone, according to the plan of development actions on the occasion of celebration of the 30th anniversary of the State independence, entrepreneurs and individual philanthropists repaired and constructed 1450 km of national and local roads and 108 bridges. These activities illustrate high level of engagement of our people for the better future of our beloved Motherland.

For example, Muhib Bobojonov, an 80 year old resident of Rasht District reconstructed 42 km of road last year and 16 km this year. He also built a gym, bridge, boreholes, and four residential houses for persons with disabilities and poor families and is currently installing 10 km of drinking water pipeline.

Abdukhalil Ghulomov, local entrepreneur, started construction of a school with 1200 seats in one shift amounting more than 35 million TJS in Firdavsi District of Dushanbe City. He constructed a new modern school with 1280 seats amounting 21 million TJS in Shahriston Village of Rudak District last year. Mr Ghulomov is also constructing a secondary school of 35million TJS worth for 2500 students in Kulob Town, which will be commissioned in 2021, on the eve of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our State independence. It is commendable that one entrepreneur created education opportunity for 6200 students during two to three years.

Heads of manufacturing companies are also actively implementing similar initiatives.

The Company of ‘CHUNGTSAI Mohir Cement’ commenced construction of a school for 2400 students amounting 45 million TJS in Sino District of Dushanbe City. These facilities will be commissioned on the eve of the 30th anniversary of our State independence. This company constructed and commissioned a school for 640 students amounting 13 million TJS in Dahana Village of Yovon District in 2016. Overall, it created almost 1000 permanent jobs in our country.

Such initiatives and ideas are commendable and deserve support. Indeed, it is the sacred duty of everybody of us to make efforts for future progress of our beloved Tajikistan and ensure a favorable environment for decent life of every resident in our country.

The development of construction is visible in districts and towns within the plan of development activities. Construction is among important socio-economic sectors reflecting the country’s development and the population’s living standards.

With a view to improving activities on architecture, urban development and construction, the sector’s legal and regulatory framework is being improved. During the last seven years alone, capital assets amounting more than 37 billion TJS, almost 8 million m2 of residential houses and other facilities were commissioned.

During the independence, given the population growth in the country and with a view to addressing social issues of our people, 135 000 hectares of land were distributed for construction of residential buildings.

I would like to emphasize that it is important to follow architecture standards and arts while constructing residential buildings and other facilities in order to further beautify and improve the city and rural areas.

With this regard, the Committee for Architecture and Construction, local executive authorities and other relevant institutions need to strictly follow the rules and norms of urban development and construction and widely apply the patterns of national architecture while designing plans of settlements and villages and planning construction of social, tourism and other facilities. Officials in charge also need to undertake additional measures to ensure development of construction with a view to aligning the quality of facilities with the latest standards and train highly qualified architecture professionals. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the noble people of Tajikistan, including entrepreneurs and generous individuals, for the development efforts they have undertaken so far, and call on the residents of our country to pay a serious attention to improvement of their residences, streets and avenues, and every settlement by the sacred and grand holiday of the 30th anniversary of our State independence. We need to celebrate this precious national holiday in a better environment compared to the present and with decent gifts of our glorious nation.

Distinguished Compatriots!

The UN General Assembly, by supporting the 4th initiative of our country, has been implementing a number of initiatives in the countries with high level of water scarcity. In this regard, we also, as a pioneer of this action, accomplished a series of activities on quality drinking water supply in Tajikistan within the “Water Reform Program of Tajikistan for 2016-2025”.

In cooperation with development partners, we have been implementing 52 public investment projects amounting 7.8 billion TJS focusing on population supply with quality drinking water and irrigation of agricultural lands. So far, we have completed public investment projects on water supply amounting 1.5 billion TJS in 23 towns and districts of our country and nine other projects amounting 1.5 billion TJS are ongoing. This made it possible for us to address the issue of quality drinking water supply in the cities of Dushanbe, Khujand, Vahdat and Hisor and districts of Panj and Mir Said Alii Hamadoni. However, the quality of works within public investment projects and the level of residents’ supply with drinking water in a number of districts and towns need to be improved.

Though Tajikistan is a water abundant country, however, given the current context and the interests of future generations we need to widely introduce methods of effective and efficient use of water and efficient approach towards water resources. In the current context, whereby the environmental challenges caused the concern of the majority of the countries in the globe, our scientists need to pay a greater attention to this global issue and by conducting scientific studies introduce to the world community the achievements made by our country in this area. The Academy of Science in cooperation with the scientists of other countries needs to conduct studies of climate change implications and properly present the achievements of our country in this area. It is the task of our scientists to raise the awareness of the world community on the importance of Tajikistan’s initiatives on water.

Tajikistan generates 98% of electricity in hydropower facilities. Therefore, our country is ranked 135th globally in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, which is a pretty high rating and it is a valuable contribution of Tajikistan in addressing global challenges. This means that the amount of greenhouse gases per capita in Tajikistan is the lowest in the region and it is our decent contribution to maintenance of the environment in the region and the globe. The wider use of renewable energy sources mostly hydropower provides a serious support to us in keeping the lowest level of hazardous emissions.

I would like to recall that wider use of renewable energy sources, particularly water resources is one of the main sources for “green energy” generation and development of green economy. After the Roghun HPP will become fully operational, Tajikistan will be among the world’s three top countries generating “green energy”.

Tajikistan has 13 000 small and big glaciers, including the largest dry-land based glacier of Fedchenko extending 76 km long, and their area covers 6% of our country’s overall territory.

Over the past 40 years, more than one thousand glaciers have melted and fully disappeared due to the warming implications. The current state of glaciers urges us to take actions together with regional and international institutions, including in organizing expeditions to study the glaciers.

Negative implications of the climate change in agricultural sphere will grow in the years to come.

Continuously increasing area of unused land, desertification and drought leads to a steady decline in crop yields. We need to follow high standards of land tenure and undertake continuous efforts on efficient use of water for irrigation of lands, application of efficient technologies in agriculture and protection of water resources.

So far, 12 public projects amounting almost 2 billion TJS on development of new irrigated lands, rehabilitation of abandoned agricultural parcels and agricultural development in different regions of the country and currently projects amounting 665 million TJS are ongoing. Nevertheless, the reclamation situation of more than 40 000 hectares of land gets worse every year.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Agency for Land Reclamation and Irrigation jointly with local authorities have to undertake continuous measures to prevent abandoning agricultural land and land salinization. Governors of province, district and town jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture continuously need to undertake measures to increase the area of crop lands, establish greenhouses and cold storages, improve the supply of consumption market with quality and organic local products, process the sector products and increase export. Other important issues in this area to which the scientists and agronomists need to pay attention, include receiving not one or two but rather three or four harvests from one plot of land, increasing crop yields and developing seed production sector.

Esteemed Compatriots!

Development of tourism is a priority in our public policy and for its further enhancement the Government has envisaged some preferences on tax and customs duties.

As early as in the first year of the initiative on development of rural areas, tourism and folk crafts, significant progress was made in rural areas and tourism and folk arts are continuing to develop. Despite these achievements, we need to scale up the process of beautification and development, address existing issues and undertake additional measures for development of the rural area, tourism and folk crafts.

More than 200 travel agencies are operational currently, and so far, 15 tourism infrastructure projects enjoyed the preferences offered. During 9 months of this year more than one million tourists have visited tourism sites of our country and thus we had 20% more tourists compared to the last year. It is important to improve tourism infrastructure in all tourist sites and enhance the quality of services in 2020 and onwards.

In order to ensure the competitiveness of the sphere in the international tourism market, we need to train specialists with necessary language skills, knowledge of culture and history and latest technologies and grow tourism professionals, guides, interpreters and other specialists meeting the requirements of tourism market. Development of tourism and qualified professionals in this area will give a serious impetus to progress of our national economy, facilitate increase in the number of tourists visiting our country and provide more opportunities for creation of jobs.

With a view to creating modern facilities for training, I would like to propose to replace the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service with the Institute of Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Service. I believe that all government agencies, entrepreneurs, civil society and non-governmental organizations will work together for the enhancement of this important area and proper introduction of beloved Tajikistan. With a view to further improving the investment climate and encouraging foreign investors investing more than 1 million USD into the economy of Tajikistan, I would like to propose that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions of Tajikistan in other countries issue these investors five-year multi-entry visas.

Within the initiative on development of rural areas, tourism and folk crafts and also with a view to attracting greater number of tourists, I would like to propose that the citizens of those countries who are entitled to simplified visa of Tajikistan, are issued multi-entry tourist visas and their validity is extended to 60 days.

In addition, with a view to simplifying the movement of our compatriots living overseas, who are citizens of other countries, I propose to issue three-year multi-entry visas for these tourists. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to draft relevant legal and regulatory framework to implement these proposals and submit them for review of the Government. The Tourism Committee also needs to develop specific proposals with a view to further promoting history, culture, trekking, leisure, healing and environmental peculiarities of Tajikistan in order to attract foreign tourists with the use of international best practices in this area.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have accomplished many activities on advancement of science and education, healthcare, social welfare, culture, youth policy, women and family affairs, and sports. At the current stage of Tajikistan’s development, we prioritize science and education as they play a key role in strengthening the foundations of a democratic, law-based and secular state.

We commissioned 130 secondary schools with more than 32 000 seats amounting 500 million TJS this year.

Some 32 of these institutions with almost 10.000 seats amounting 122 million TJS were constructed by generous entrepreneurs and citizens of the country, and their contribution in construction and repair of educational institutions and other sectors is growing every day.

We intend to construct 181 secondary schools for 54 000 seats amounting 884 million TJS in 2020. By the 30th anniversary of State independence, 128 pre-school institutions and 338 general education schools will be constructed, and 1,332 educational and pre-school institutions will be repaired and renovated overall. In addition, currently entrepreneurs have been continuing their efforts on construction, renovation, and reconstruction of more than 400 cultural institutions, 105 hospitals and policlinics, 257 health centers, 467 medical points.

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all generous entrepreneurs and citizens both inside and outside the country, who have been patriotically contributing to the implementation of the Order of the Head of State on construction and renovation of roads, bridges and social facilities, including education, cultural and healthcare facilities, manufacturing workshops and enterprises as well as water supply pipelines and other noble deeds.

Executives and officials from education sphere, along with the government and patriots’ support, need to raise the quality of teaching in every educational facility disregard of their form of ownership, strengthen control over the process of getting latest knowledge, encourage adolescents and young people to read fiction and scientific books and enhance their creation skills and pay greater attention to teaching of natural and hard sciences.

With this regard, with a view to further improving the teaching of natural and hard sciences and widening technical skills and outlook of the young generation, I would like to propose to proclaim the period of 2020-2040 as “Period of 20 years of learning and development of natural and hard sciences in the Republic of Tajikistan”. The Ministry of Education and Science, the Academy of Sciences and other ministries and agencies with educational institutions are mandated to develop their plans of action on this initiative and submit it to the Government within two months.

I also would like to propose to arrange national, regional and local (district level) academic competitions on natural and hard sciences at all levels of education annually and the ministries and agencies as well as executive authorities of province and districts need to reward and encourage winners of these competitions both financially and morally.

Our people constructed more than 5 000 mosques in a relatively short period of independence in order to satisfy their religious needs. It is high time now to expand the campaign on construction of schools and preschool facilities and everybody of us need to make efforts in this noble deed jointly and thereby contribute to the future of our State and nation, thus care about children. Overcoming this challenge of the society, which is a priority for the State, is the task of every dedicated, and patriotic resident with strong will. It is my belief that this noble deed will be supported by the society.)

We must love the elegant and poetic Tajik language as our mother and motherland and preserve it as a precious pearl of our existence. Language is a mirror that reflects a strong image of the nation, and we must respect this symbol of our national identity and at the same time give priority to learning of Russian and English as languages of international communication.

We strengthen learning and mastering languages not to show off but rather to educate our society. Therefore, every conscious individual needs to make efforts in enriching their mother tongue and learning foreign languages, and pay a priority attention to reading books and strive to improve their level of education.

Based on the analysis, one of the concerning issues is that school and university students and their teachers and professors do not necessarily read books. Regarding this issue, on the Day of knowledge, I have mandated the Ministry of Education and Science and heads of educational institutions to take strict control of the students’ attitude to reading book and memorizing the verses and follow a rigorous approach to raise the level of knowledge, broaden the worldview, and improve speaking skills of the next generation.

Executives and officials of the sector have to improve the level and the quality of teaching, and undertake additional measures to enhance knowledge and literacy of school and university students, concurrently attach greater attention to upbringing of the young generation, and undertake necessary activities to implement the National Upbringing Concept in Tajikistan. To this end, it is important to arrange competitions of “The light of wisdom morning” with involvement of a greater number of people annually and undertake measures to reward and encourage winners by schools, local and central government authorities. Thus, the Ministry of Education and Science, ministries and agencies with educational institutions, and heads of executive authorities in province, district and town are mandated to conduct this competition on the light of wisdom morning annually in three dimensions: 1) pre-school children, 2) primary, secondary and higher education institutions and 3) adults.

Libraries should be transformed into important centers of science and culture, as the book is a product of the intelligence of civilized people and an important factor in the preservation of national culture, it also enhances the public speaking skills, broadens human thinking and outlook, and directs people to the right life path.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture, research centers, heads of province, town and district and educational institutions of all levels have to publish more fictions and make sure that both adults and school students read no less than 5 fictions, poems and narrative works of both past and contemporary poets and writers and strictly control the implementation of these activities with a view to improving moral education of the population.

Between 2014 and 2019, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Culture published by almost 6 million and more than 2 million copies of fictions respectively. However, a part of these books was not distributed for sale but rather was stored in storages. Alongside with this, based on our request, 190 000 copies of 38 volumes of the book of “Stars of Literature” were published but the major part of these books were not sold out and kept in the warehouse of the printing house. Overall, more than 2 million copies of books are not sold and kept in the storages of both public and private printing houses. To this end, heads of executive authorities in province, town and district are mandated to allocate necessary funds to increase the collection of books in sectorial libraries and educational institutions.

Our scientists and scholars need to pay special attention to proper learning of history, promotion of intangible heritage, public traditions and rituals, which are recorded in the history of the Tajik nation for centuries.

The glorious history of the Tajik people is a great school of self-education, and it is our duty to respect it, explore distinguished cases of heroism and brave actions of our ancestors, and to promote it as a fundamental pillar of patriotism and dedication to our Motherland.

Particularly, in the context of globalization and the development of information technologies that have facilitated the penetration of alien elements in the national culture, it is essential and necessary for every individual in our society, especially the younger generations to turn into history and be aware of origins. We need to know our ancestors and our origins; respect them and be proud of being the successors of Arians, i.e. Arian origin.

In this regard, with a view to deeply exploring the glorious history of the Tajik people, the Government of the country is mandated to publish Bobojon Ghafurov’s “The Tajiks” at the expense of the Presidential Fund and distribute as a gift on behalf of the Head of State by one copy to each family in the country by the 30th anniversary of the State independence. The Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture and the Academy of Sciences are mandated to translate and publish this book in international languages and spread its electronic version through information networks. This fundamental work is of an immense scientific value and B. Gafurov through his multi-year hard work introduced us and the world community to our colorful history.

I believe that in the current context, whereby every person in the society is in a growing need for self-consciousness and preservation of their historical memories, the publication of this masterpiece and making it accessible to every resident of our country will contribute to the development of a sense of patriotism and national pride and the rising level of awareness of our society.

Being a nation of culture, civilization and of Arian origin, we need to pay attention to our history and accommodate love to reading books and exploring knowledge and education in the soul of our children.

Preservation and development of national culture by taking into account the interests of the current generation is among the most important task in the current time being.

Based on our proposal, a few days ago UNESCO General Conference adopted a resolution to celebrate 5500th anniversary of the ancient city of Sarazm and the 700th jubilee of the prominent Tajik poet Kamoli Khujandi.

Introducing to the world community the scientific and literature works and patterns of the Tajik culture as an educated nation, creating civilization, developing urban areas, possessing its own land and having its own collection of poems are among the most important task of us. Thus, we need to demonstrate to the world community that we are a nation with its culture.

In order to ensure sustainable development of cultural institutions we need to pay a particular attention to renovation and strengthening of physical infrastructure and training of professionals in this sphere, facilitate the process of formulation of folklore and effective use of cultural and moral capacity of our nation.

In this regard, I propose to conduct national competition subtitled “Tajikistan is my beloved Motherland” under aegis of the President of the country annually till the 30th anniversary of our state independence.

Our politicians and political scientists, culture specialists and intelligentsia also need to strengthen activities to raise awareness of the society on contemporary processes, fight with superstition and double-dyed reaction and following other traditions and customs alien to our nation and thereby fulfill their political, social and cultural mission before their nation and Motherland in a dedicated manner.

Distinguished Participants!

We pay an utmost attention to public health and social protection as well. During this year, we have constructed and commissioned hundreds of healthcare facilities, including modern hospitals, health centers and medical care points. This way of operations is radically changing the infrastructure of this socially important sector, particularly in rural areas and improving quality of services. In 2019, we commissioned 154 healthcare and social protection facilities in our country.

During the last two years alone 320 medical and pharmaceutical equipment and latest technologies for pharmaceutical production amounting more than 950 million TJS were imported and 150 ambulance and specialized cars were procured for healthcare facilities of districts and towns.

The healthcare sector budget has increased from 716 million TJS to 1.74 billion TJS during the last 7 years, which is 2.4 times of increase compared to 2013. We envisaged 1.842 billion TJS of public funding for this sector in 2020, which shows 6% of increase compared to 2019.

Though the activities on supply of healthcare facilities in districts and towns with modern equipment made it possible to partially eliminate the sector’s challenges, however there is still a need for improvement in the quality of services to population and level of professionalism of paramedic staff.

To this end, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has to strictly control the performance of healthcare facilities, improve quality of services to population and organize retraining courses for the staff at all levels on a rolling basis.

The public health is important for every State. Therefore, we need to protect the health of our people and create the favorable environment to ensure this objective.

We will conduct population and housing census in our country in 2020. This event aims to identify quantitative and qualitative indicators of demographic trend in the new phase of Tajikistan’s socio-economic development, which is important for planning and implementation of public policy in this area.

According to the projections of a relevant UN Agency, the globe’s population will increase up to 9.7 billion people in 2050. The same projection also states that our country’s population will reach 17 million in 2050.

The Statistics Agency and governance of province, district and town, jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Committee for Land Tenure and Geodesy, State Unitary Enterprise of “Khojagii Manziliyu Kommunali” and other relevant institutions need to undertake necessary measures with the use of latest technologies to prepare for thoroughly, and conduct this event at high level by ensuring targeted use of funds allocated for this purpose.

Dear Compatriots!

We pay the utmost to the issues of employment and creation of jobs, development of SME, folk arts and home-based job. Currently, professionals are trained for 97 specialties in vocational schools, 57 specialties in adult education centers, and 166 specialties in primary vocational schools, in total for 454 specialties.

In this regard, the Government, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment, and other ministries and agencies with educational institutions in their structures, as well as governors of province, district and town are mandated to engage unskilled citizens above the age of 18 in training courses so that they acquire skills. The above-mentioned authorities also need to undertake serious measures to make sure that the entire population obtains skills.

Along with this, they need to draft program for occupations in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2020-2025 and undertake specific measures for its implementation. Also, the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment needs to improve the quality of education and occupation acquisition in educational institutions, introduce specialties and occupations needed for our country and undertake additional activities to ensure employment of our residents, particularly women and girls.

Based on the statistics, the number of our citizens working overseas, decreased by 60%, which demonstrates the results of economic development and creation of jobs in the country. We had the greatest number of labor migrants amounting 1 100 000 in 2010, there are 486 000 of them this year. However, this indicator is not satisfactory yet.

Heads of all central and local institutions, workshops and enterprises, the civil society, state-owned and non-governmental organizations and agencies, entrepreneurs and overall every dedicated and patriotic resident of the country need to make efforts for creation of jobs in our state.

To this end, by the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our State independence we need to further improve our performance and create no less than 100 000 new jobs every year for our residents with the use of all available resources and thereby decrease the intensity of labor migration.

We have accomplished a number of activities with a view to developing social insurance and pension system, improving the level of social services to pensioners and ensuring sustainable financial system of the social insurance and pension.

While the social insurance and pension budget made 1.683 billion TJS in 2013, we envisaged 3.2 billion TJS in 2020 for this purpose, which has increased by 2 times compared to 2013.

Currently there are 700 000 pensioners, including 148 000 persons with disabilities, 5277 full orphans and 74 000 orphans under the custodianship of the state.

This year the institutions for elderly and persons with disabilities received 36 million TJS of funding or by 22 600 TJS per capita from the public budget. The funding to these institutions increased by 3.2 times during the last 10 years. In addition, in 2019 alone the amount of benefits provided through public budget to persons with disabilities made 102 million TJS.

It became a good tradition to provide support to poor families, orphans, people without custodianship and persons in need in the country. The noble Tajik people extended its hand of support to people in need at all times and demonstrated high level of generosity worth to learn about.

The Government will further continue supporting this social group including orphans and persons with disabilities, ill and bedfast persons and poor families, and I believe that entrepreneurs, traders and other generous individuals will continue to be proactive in blessing and charity activities alongside with public institutions.

With a view to regulating the process of appointment of pensions for disability and preventing groundless disability allowances, currently project on strengthening of social protection system is implemented in cooperation with development partners. The project will develop a unified database and modern procedures for maintenance of the list of persons with disabilities and relevant information will be transferred to the unified electronic database during the next 6 months. This initiative will make it possible to ensure targeted use of funds to be allocated by the public budget and to make sure the persons with real disabilities benefit from these resources.

The Government of Tajikistan always pays a central attention to the social situation of vulnerable groups and continuously undertakes measures to improve their situation based on the countries socio-economic development. The Government prioritizes the financial support of social protection institutions and poor families in its social policy and it will continue doing so in the future also.

With a view to ensuring social support of vulnerable groups, persons with disabilities under the age of 18, as well as other groups of persons with disabilities, who do not work and have a need for care and are entitled to social pension in accordance with the Law on Pension of the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, I would like to propose to increase their allowance by 50% starting from the 1st of September 2020 and increase its size to the pension of pensioners set forth by the Law of Tajikistan on social and public pension. This initiative will make it possible to improve the social welfare of almost 30 000 pensioners.

Also, with a view to further improving the social welfare of the pensioners in our country, I propose to increase the floor of pension based on age and the baseline pension as well as retirement pension of citizens by 15% starting from the 1st of September 2020.

Alongside with this, the salary of staff of the executive and public authorities, education, science, culture, sports, healthcare, social protection institutions and other budget funded organizations, stipends of university students and other scholarships will be increased by 15% and the salary of law enforcement and military officers by 10%.

Distinguished Participants!

Women and girls play a proactive role in our current society and work in the majority of spheres, particularly social sectors mostly. Currently, the number of women working in the education sector makes 70%, healthcare and social protection 67%, culture 51% and their share in civil servants is 23.3%. Women and girls make a valuable input in the agriculture as well.

We will further undertake necessary measures to enforce President’s Decree on social promotion of women in the society and engage talented ladies into leadership positions within the Government institutions. I believe that we will have more women who will stand for office in the upcoming elections at the level of Lower Chamber of the Parliament and local parliament chambers and they will continue their proactive engagement in public activities.

I am delighted to state that our women participate alongside with men in implementation of the public policy and make a decent contribution to development of a democratic, law-based and secular society. We will further expand opportunities to avail this support of women and girls and will continue supporting their constructive initiatives.

Our youth are the successors of activities of adults, powerful force and real potential of the society’s development, in one word, the future of the Nation and the State. Therefore, ensuring a conducive environment for their performance will further remain as one of the most important issues in the government and the state policy.

The young generation of our country with high sense of responsibility, strong will, faithfulness and patriotism, belief in the national supreme values and their own wisdom, have proved that we have chosen the right pathway for building and owning our Motherland.

We obviously notice proactive participation of our youth in construction of the country’s large scale plants and enterprises, including Roghun HPP as well as development and constructive activities.

The share of youth is ever increasing in other sectors of the economy, including industry, construction, education, healthcare and agriculture. The input of youth in protection of our Motherland is commendable. They faithfully serve in all units and divisions of armed forces and play a great role in protection of our state borders.

Nowadays, more than 257 000 youth 30% of whom are girls, study at higher education institutions both within and outside the country.

To strengthen legal and regulatory framework of the sector and ensure further protection of the rights and interests of the youth, I request the relevant authorities to draft revised version of the Law of Tajikistan on Youth and Public Youth Policy, Strategy on Public Youth Policy to 2030 and submit them to the Government of the country for approval.

Raising youth in the spirit of high sense of national identity, dedication to state and nation, tolerance, patriotism and self-consciousness, and protecting national values is the most important task of all agencies and the society.

Sport has a strong role in performance of youth. Currently, 10.000 sport facilities are operational in the country, and between 2011 and 2018 almost 2200 sport facilities were constructed and 1059 were renovated. In 2019, 358 sport facilities, including more than 200 in the capital were built.

We need to continue paying a priority attention to popularization of sports, healthy lifestyle and physical training and provide better conditions for health of the society in the future.

The Committee for Youth and Sports Affairs needs jointly with the National Olympic Committee and Federations of Sports to widely introduce different types of sports and undertake continuous measures in organizing competitions. At the same time the Government, governors of province, district and town are mandated to construct by one gym and sports playground in every village and settlements with more than 100 households during the next 10 years and facilitate promotion of sport and public health.

Dear Compatriots!

According to our Constitution, people are the voice of sovereignty and the only source of public authority, and they enforce this power either directly or through their representatives.

Elections are the highest direct expression of the public estate through free and voluntary expression of the will of constituencies, and ensuring democratic and transparent process of their arrangement is among the important tasks of the Government.

We know very well that unrests and chaos, and split of citizens into confronting groups and severe conflicts in the society started from the 1991 Presidential Elections and resulted in emergence of imposed civil war.

Elections as an important political event requires every citizen of the country to have high level of political culture, sense of patriotism and responsibility for the future prosperity of the country and peaceful existence of next generations.

By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan of December 4, 2019, the next Parliamentary Elections will take place on March 1, 2020.

Elections of members of Parliament at the level of National and Local Houses of Representatives is the exclusive right of electorate. No party, organization or official has the right to violate this constitutional right of citizens and impose its opinion on electorate forcefully or with the use of other means.

Central Commission for Elections and Referenda of the Republic of Tajikistan should make sure citizens participate in this important political event with high sense of responsibility. In order to arrange the upcoming elections at high level, local executive authorities have to ensure favorable working conditions for election commissions within the existing legislation.

I would like to emphasize that interference to the work of election commissions is prohibited and in this process relevant authorities have to exercise only the duties they are delegated to by the legislation.

In accordance with the existing legislation, political parties that are responsible and the main entity for the nomination of candidates for membership, and also independent candidates who stand for Parliament, have to exercise their activities in compliance with Constitution and other laws only.

I would like to call upon all political parties and citizens to make efforts in compliance with the acting legislation so that this event promotes further strengthening of the national unity, peace and stability and fostering democracy in our independent country.

The Central Commission for Elections and Referenda and the Precinct Electoral Commissions have to thoroughly screen the background of nominees and review seriously in line with the legislation. Educated and knowledgeable, experienced, reputable, patriotic and honest individuals need to be nominated and elected to serve in houses of representatives, including the Parliament.

I would like to address you, dear citizens of our country, and request to elect your decent representatives for the membership to the national and local houses of representatives during the next elections with high sense of responsibility.

Distinguished Members of Parliament!

Horrible terrorist attacks that have been committed in different parts of the world lately and have been causing death of thousands of innocent people, vividly show that nowadays terrorism has transformed into a real and serious threat to the world security and progress of humanity.

The humanity has run into a merciless and cunny enemy in the person of international terrorism, which humiliates all ethical norms and universal values and avails any possible horrifying action to achieve its objectives.

Terrorist organizations by using the latest information technologies and biased interpretation of religious sources, nurture radical ideas in minds of inexperienced and unaware youth and cause them upon murder, undermining security and stability in different countries.

As you are aware, several members of one of the groups of the Islamic State Terrorist Organization have attacked an outpost of Border Troops and killed military servants.

In this regard, the relevant authorities need to put a strong barrier in promotion of religious extremism and encourage youth to maintain political cautiousness and educate them in the spirit of dedication to their Motherland and nation and respect of common human values.

The main prerequisite to succeed in countering terrorism and extremism is effective and coordinated work of law enforcement authorities and strengthening of legal framework regulating their activities.

The Law of the Republic of Tajikistan on Countering Terrorism that was adopted 20 years ago in 1999 needs to be adjusted to meet the current requirements. The Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Committee on National Security, and the Prosecutor General’s Office are requested to draft a revised version of the law and submit it to the Government.

It is obvious that the illicit drug trafficking is one of the main sources of funding of extremist and terrorist organizations. Though the measures undertaken during the recent years resulted in decrease in the illicit drug trafficking to our country, we see increasing import of other types of drugs that cause serious health harm.

Therefore, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Drugs Control Agency, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the State Committee for National Security and the Customs authorities are mandated to undertake measures to introduce amendments into the criminal legislation and strengthen their efforts in prevention of synthetic drugs inflow.

Corruption is one of the serious obstacles to the country’s sustainable development. It can lead to deterioration of the country’s reputation internationally and to dissatisfaction of citizens with the performance of public authorities.

We have ensured necessary legal and administrative framework for prevention and elimination of corruption factors and expansion of cooperation between the public authorities and civil society. However, the analysis of citizens’ appeals shows that performance of some public agencies and their officials in this direction still does not meet the expectations.

Therefore, heads of ministries and agencies, local executive and self-governance authorities need to pay a primary attention to the issues of adequate selection and deployment of the staff, their upbringing in the spirit of good faith and respectful attitude towards citizens.

The volatile political situation in the globe and the region urges military preparedness and readiness of the armed forces. Military officers need to be politically cautious, enhance their professional skills and stand ready to eliminate emergencies and other contingencies.

Additionally, heads of law enforcement and military authorities are mandated to constantly improve their performance in terms of military discipline, system of training and deployment of personnel, management of military units, awareness and mutual communication on emergency situations and seriously approach the security of military system assets.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The world community acknowledged Tajikistan as a country pursuing peace-centered and constructive foreign policy, and our country gained its reputation internationally.

Thanks to policy of open doors that constitutes the core of Tajikistan’s international relations, we managed to establish and strengthen good relations and multifaceted beneficial cooperation in different areas with majority of the countries. We will continue pursuing this policy taking into the consideration new international realities and will put efforts to upgrade the level of cooperation with strategic, regional and international partners.

Development and expansion of regional cooperation, and fostering security and stability in Central Asia is one of the fundamental pillars of our foreign policy.

It is obvious that the security and stability of our region, first and foremost, depends on the situation in Afghanistan and further continuation of conflict in Afghanistan could bring long-term negative implications to the country itself and the region.

The unstable situation in this friendly neighboring country over the last 40 years proves that Afghanistan’s case has no military solution, and only political, diplomatic, social and economic leverages could serve as a key to resolve this complicated issue.

Tajikistan fully supports the efforts of the Government of Afghanistan towards commencing the peace process in this country, stabilizing political and military situation and ensuring its socio-economic development.

We believe that Afghan people only should make a decision and determine the destiny of Afghanistan and its future way of development. In this connection, we welcome all kind of constructive initiatives in launching the process of negotiations on peace in Afghanistan and we believe that efforts of stakeholders will come into fruition. Accordingly, we would like to once again call on the international community and encourage them to define their position on establishment of security and stability in long-suffering land of Afghanistan with full responsibility. Tajikistan will further contribute to this process.

We will continue our effective and constructive relations with the international and regional organizations, development partners and reputable financial institutions with whom we enjoy beneficial cooperation during our independence.

I have to note that Dushanbe has become a center for discussion of global and regional issues. In this regard, in the last year alone, the capital of our country hosted a number of important international events including CICA Summit and High-level Conference “International and regional cooperation on countering terrorism and its financing through illicit drug trafficking and organized crime”.

In 2019, Tajikistan chaired a number of regional institutions and their agencies, including CICA, ECO and OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation.

Next year, Tajikistan will commence its Chairmanship in IFAS, SCO, CSTO and Istanbul Process on Afghanistan. In addition, we are pleased to note that international events on water resources subtitled “Dushanbe Process on Water” initiated by Tajikistan are acknowledged by the international community. In this context, we intend to host the 2nd high-level international conference next year in the capital of our country to continue this process and implement the 4th global initiative of Tajikistan - the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development (2018-2028)”.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs alongside with other ministries and agencies of the country need to continuously follow up with implementation of the Concept of the Foreign Policy of Tajikistan and undertake constant and necessary measures to achieve visible results.

We will further make efforts to expand our relations and cooperation with all partner countries in addressing topical issues and achieving mutually beneficial objectives as well as securing the interests of Tajikistan and its population at the international level.

Dear Compatriots!

Distinguished Members of Parliament!

The main goal of adopted strategies and programs, on the implementation of which I elaborated my thoughts today, as well as eventual objective of the laws adopted by the Parliament, decrees and orders of the President, and resolutions of the Government is to ensure progress of our country, prosperity of our Motherland and most importantly – improvement of the living standards of Tajikistan’s noble people.

I outlined my opinion regarding the enhancement of the activities in this area, and I would like to encourage everybody, including Members of Parliament, heads of ministries and agencies, other government institutions, civil servants, and every citizen of the country to get united towards the progress of our beloved Motherland to collectively transfer our State into a prosperous and progressive country.

Our people during the relatively short period of independence managed to accomplish many serious and milestone activities proudly and I do believe that they will continue making dedicated efforts to strengthen the pillars of our national state.

I believe that by the celebration of our Grand National Holiday - the 30th anniversary of our State independence we will accomplish many development activities, mobilize all available resources for establishment of small and grand workshops, create new jobs for our compatriots and improve living standards of our people.

I believe in creative and constructive power of the noble Tajik people and I would like to state one point confidently: we have the necessary potential and opportunities to further foster the process of development, to make harder efforts to achieve our national objectives, to overcome existing shortcomings through collective and united efforts, ensure sustainable development of our country and improve the livelihoods of every household in Tajikistan better.

In this process it is the utmost duty and human task of each of us to respect the sovereignty and independence of the Tajik State as our sacred wealth and to always stand ready to protect it.

It is my firm belief that our proud people will understand this point very well.

We need to make joint efforts onwards to ensure progress of our independent state and Motherland, our beloved Tajikistan and to inherit a developed land to our children and grandchildren so that they feel proud of our patriotic activities.

I would like to wish every citizen of my country and all of you, members of Parliament and distinguished participants every success in this glorious pathway.

May I wish you to be always successful, my dear compatriots!

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Speech by the Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan His Excellency Mr. Emomali Rahmon at State Language Day of the Republic of Tajikistan

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Речь по случаю Дня государственного языка Республики Таджикистан

Dear Compatriots!
Language is an invaluable boon in the life of the humankind. It is through language that a person expresses his feelings, thoughts and judgments. National language is like a bright mirror that reflects the history, spiritual peace and wisdom of every nation.Moreover, in the culture and civilization of all peoples, including the Tajik nation, native language is the foundation, which strengthens the basis of the national mentality and serves as the main factor of its preservation.
Our native language is a beautiful and poetic language, which for millennia embodied the knowledge and wisdom accumulated by the Tajik people. It is a convincing testament to our existence and a vivifying source in historical destiny of our nation.In other words, it is this language, thanks to whichthe glorious Tajik people created and introducedits rich history and culture to the world.
Alongside other languages ofKhorasan andMawarannahr, the Tajik language is the successor to ancient Aryan languages. World-known scientists and researchers have proved that Tajiks have made an invaluable input into the history of human civilization, and our language is listed among the most ancient languages on the planet. There are thousands of scientific studies on this issue.
The roots of our language date back to the antiquity, to the centuries before the Christ and the first centuries of the new chronology, especially to the times of existence of the Sogdian, Bactrian, Pehlavi and other languages. In the 20s of the last century, at a difficult and crucial time for the Tajik people, our language was officially termed as the "Tajik language", which became a serious prerequisite for the formation of a national state.
Therefore, while addressingour compatriots and to the Tajik language speakers andits fans, I urge you to makeevery possible effort to learn our language, explore its history, undertake measures to train specialists on the history of the language with an emphasis on its background in ancient times, only a few of whom we can find nowadays. It is also important to train dialect and text specialists.These efforts are necessary in order to eliminate the errors in the contemporary Tajik language and enrich it furtherbased oncharming and meaningful words and expressions that have long been used in our speech.
Today the world knows us as Tajiks, our country as Tajikistan, and our language as the Tajik language. Hundreds and thousands of celebrities, including geniuses, created and wrote in this language and inherited immortal works.
Wisdom and humanism, which form the basis and essence of the creations of our ancestors, are voiced in this extraordinarily rich, multifaceted, sweet-spoken language for centuries. It is due to this language that the cultural and spiritual world of our people hasgained heartof people.
The works of Rudaki, Firdavsee, Attor, Sanoee, Saadi, Hofiz, MavlonoBalkhee, Mavlono Jami and hundreds of others, written many centuries ago, even todayis clearly understood, accessible and appreciatedby our people.Today every educated person reads and delves into essence and contentof these immortal works without dictionaries and comments.For example,we still easily understand, enjoy and admire the richness of high thoughts of the “Adam of Poets" - ustodRudaki, who was born in thePanjrudVillage –a mountainous district of Panjakent, and recognized as the founder of Tajik-Persian literature.This, of course, is a matter of particular pride for us, the repositories of this great spiritual heritage.
In the process of its formation and development, the Tajik language has passed through a very difficult and sometimes tough pathway. It was many times subject to tests by the history and has overcomechallenges with honor.In today’s period of independence and theestablishment of national state, it fulfills its missionwith high dignity as one of the main pillars of statehood and a factor of unity and cohesion of society.
On 22 July 1989, the10thSession of the Supreme Council of Tajikistan has adopted Language Act.However, some of the provisions and norms of thisact officially recognized at that time,after twenty yearsdid not fully meet the growing needs of the society of our independent country.Therefore, in order to protect and develop our native language, there wasa need to develop and adopt a new language act.With this in mind, on 5 October 2009, The Law onState Language of Tajikistan was signed. This date was officially declared as the State Language Day and included into the list of state and national holidays.I sincerely congratulate the glorious people of Tajikistan, the foreign compatriots and participants of today’s event on the State LanguageDay.
Dear Friends!
The State Language Act determines the legal status and scope of the use of language, and it regulates the prospect of its development during the period of state independence in the context of radical political, economic, social and cultural changes,. This act acknowledged the Tajik language as the language of governance, legislation, business administrationand communication.Therefore, all ministries and agencies, organizations and institutions, state executive authorities of regions, cities and districts of the country are obliged to ensure the implementation of the requirements of this act in all areas, as well as to make efforts aimed at respecting norms and steady development of this poetic language.
We must continuously strive to strengthen the state language, try to enrich its vocabulary and strengthen its role in all spheres of society.
Learning and mastering this poetic and sweet-spoken language, taking care of its development and ubiquitous spread is the duty of every educated, patriotic member of our society and all its speakers.
I have to note thatdue to the lack of control by the regulatory authorities, some ministries, agencies, organizations and institutions, as well as state executive authorities of regions, cities and districts do not fully enforcethe requirements and provisions of the language act. There are still shortcomings in this direction, which we need to overcome.
The analysis shows that relevant ministries and agencies, for unknown reasons, did not implement some provisions of the State Language Development Program’ for 2012-2016.
In particular, theactivities in the field of development and publication of the Tajik Language Encyclopedia, which the Ministry of Culture and the Main Scientific Editorial Board of the National Tajik Encyclopediawere tasked with, are yet to be completed.
Also, to strengthen the frameworkof the state language, the Committee on Language and Terminology in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and Science should develop and present to the Government a relevant "State Language Development Program for 2020-2030”.
At the same time, we must attach a serious importance to the development, regulation and identity of terms as an important issue towards the development of the state language.
At this time of unprecedented development of science and technology, the development of terms or terminology as a language-enhancing factor in our society is gaining importance ever.
Creation of a scientific language is impossible without the development and regulation of the terminology of various fields of science and bringing the language in line with norms.Therefore, it is necessary to make use of the Tajik language to expand thematic term developmentpolitical, economic, information, legal and other areas.
In order to preserve the purity of the language during the use of terminology, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of stable elements of the state language and reasonable tested adoption in a balanced form.
We must refrain from inappropriateborrowing and adapt borrowed terms to the nature of the language, bring it in line with the grammar and orthographic structure and the phonetics of the languages.
Though,NationalTerm Convergence Council of the Committee on Language and Terminology was established to regulate this issue, and this councilconducted a number of studies and provided its recommendations, but serious difficulties still remain to this day.In particular, lack of consistencyis observed to some extent in this direction, various terms and words are used to express a concept, which misleads the reader of publications and listeners of programs.
The Committee on Language and Terminology together with the Academy of Sciences, ministries of education and science, and culture needto take additional measures to develop, apply and implement uniform terms.
Therefore, it is necessary for the Committee on Language and Terminology to take additional measures to develop, adopt and implement equable terms together with the Academy of Sciences, the ministries of education and science, and culture.
While developing terminological recommendations, special attention should be paid to the dialects of the Tajik language, which are a treasure that nourishes and enriches the language.
Dialects of our people have thousands of beautiful sonorous and informative Tajik words that, for various reasons, have gone out of use.The primary task of linguists and folklore specialists is to find such words in the course of scientific research and exploration studies and to strive for their introduction into the literary language.
Most new words included in the Tajik language dictionary emerged as a result of the development and achievements of the contemporary world.In other words, the process of globalization, the accelerated development of science and technology, including information and communication technologies, the vitalization of social networks, as well as the interaction of cultures and civilizations in the contemporary world also affect the state language and create artificial obstacles to its natural development.Therefore, it is important to make sure the nationalization of the language of new technologies in the country is at the center of attention of relevant agencies and institutions.
For example, negative influence of the disagreementsin some aspects of the Tajik language spelling, which is the determining tool of the written language, is visible in "Spelling Tajik words" software, and this issue is yet to be addressed.
To address this and other issues, it is primarily necessary to eliminate and correct the serious omissions and ambiguities that are observed in the Tajik language orthography rules. Hence, the uncertainty in the Tajik language orthography rules, the vagueness and ambiguity of most of its aspects cause unnecessary disputes and discussions and adversely affect the level of education of the people, especially the growing generation and youth.
Given this situation, the Academy of Sciences, sectorial academies, the Committee on Language and Terminology, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Union of Writers and the relevant institutions of the Executive Office of the President need to submit to the Government by January 2020, for approval, the Tajik language Orthography Rules, taking into account the existing shortcomings and difficulties.
Rudaki Institute of Language and Literature also needs to improve OrthographicDictionary by involving specialists of the field and publish itby the second half of 2020.
Our linguist scholars should remember that the Tajik language spelling rules are not only for scientists, but they are also a practical guide, the purpose of which is to improve the level of education of the people, and therefore it should be clear and understandable to all members of society.Therefore, we are obliged to resolve this important for our society issue in an appropriate manner and put an end to it by building on the norms of our rich language.
In this regard, I want to emphasize one question that I pointed out earlier.It is high time for us to create the “Academic Grammar of the Tajik Language”, which was a handbook entitled “Language Guidance” or “General Guides on Language”in the past. The grammardeveloped 40-50 years ago, now does not meet the requirements of science and current society.
One of the reasons for confusion and discrepancy in Tajik orthography is the lack of a new language manual and reliance on the old grammar.Therefore, given the factthat the previously written grammar in not in line with the requirements of present time and realities,the Academy of Sciences needs to present a specific and accurate program.
Another important issue related to the latest technologies is developing an electronic catalogue of all Tajik words based on ancient and contemporary sources and inserting them into a software.
In order to ensure quick access to the primary sources, it is necessary to introduce an electronic version of well-known dictionaries such as “Lugati Force”, “Burhoniqote”, “Ghiyos-ul-lughot”, “FarhangiJahongiree”, “FarhangiRashidee”, “BahoriAjam”, “FarhangiOnandroj”, “FarhangiZaboniTojiki”, “Lughatnova” ofAliakbarDehkhudo and other thematic dictionaries into a softwarebased on current Tajik graphic.The Committee on Language and Terminology, the Academy of Sciences, other line academies, ministries of education and science, culture and the Main Scientific Editorial Office of the Tajik National Encyclopedia need to take appropriate measures to address these issues.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
The revival of Tajik national names, their alignmentwith geographical place names is one of the pressing issues of our language policy.For the revival of ancient Tajik names and their proper use according to the norms of national word-making, by building on the meaningful traditions of our people, the Government of the country approved the "Catalogue of National Tajik Names" and determined the rules for choosing national names.
The aim of the Catalogue is to revive spiritual values and priceless historical and national cultural heritage, as well as traditional Tajik country names.The Catalogue takes into account national values and the Tajik culture of naming.
However, the officials in chargeof this issuein villages, jamoats, civil registration authorities, who still apply old name-giving methods, still show irresponsible attitude.
I have to note that some parents are dismissive of this issue and give their children defective names or names that are alien to our national traditions of naming.
People say: "Beautiful name is half of the beauty."
I have to recall that the national essence in the name of a person is a positive factor in the formation of a person and a sense of his self-knowledge and self-awareness.
Let me remind you that worshiping to alien traditionsin giving name alienates future generations from historical primordially, weakens their feelings of self-awareness and national mentality, which is unacceptable at all.
The Ministry of Justice and the Committee on Language and Terminology together with the relevant agencies need to take this issue under a serious control. They also have todevelop and submit to the Government of the country a concrete proposal for introducing necessary amendments and additions to legal and regulatory documents.Also, a number of shortcomings and errors in this Catalogue require correction; it is necessary to eliminatethem in the new version.
Along with the streamlining of names, the streamlining of the titles of neighborhoods, villages, cities and regions is also one of the very sensitive issues, because geographical toponyms are a live history of all languages, including our native one.It is necessary to preserve purely national geographical toponyms, and to restore the original names of neighborhoods and localitiesthat were changed for various reasons.
Renaming someprovinces and districts like Soughd, Khatlon, Bokhtar, Rudaki, Istaravshan, Rasht, Saykhun and Jaihun and hundreds of others with their ancient names on the political map of our country connect our glorious past with the present day, and the present  with the future, and it plays a huge role in the revival of historical memory and the expansion of the framework of national self-knowledge and self-awareness of our people.However, there is still a lot of work to be done along this path.
Even now, commissions in some cities and regions of the country, while choosing titles, do not take into account historical and geographical features, as well as the occupation of residents of newly created settlements and villages.
Another issue of concern regarding the names of cities, districts and villages of the country is related to the names of great personalities and dignitaries. In this regard, it is necessary to respect the traditional rules in giving titles to localities.
The Committee on Language and Terminology needs, in cooperation with other institutions and agencies, and with the help of specialists, to take urgent and serious measures in this direction, to identify and submit for approval by the Government of the country the Tajik synonyms for the names of localities and natural boundaries to be renamed.
We can be proud and honored that thanks to great merit, selfless work, and the incomparable exploits of the glorious sons of the Tajik people starting fromIsmoiliSomoni and Rudaki to Ayni and BobojonGafurov, the Tajik language has survived to the present in its original form with a rich treasure of beautiful and caressing words and expressions.We can proudly say that the Samanids’ dynasty played a key role in the preservation, consolidation and invincibility of our nation and language.
The inexhaustible patriotism and firm desire of the Samanids to preserve the language created afoundation for the Tajik language to gain unprecedented power and unprecedented development during their reign, created favorable conditions for the emergence of literature and culture that conquered the world, the influence of which continues to this day.
Thanks to the Samanid dynasty that the unique talents of such geniuses as Abuabdullo Rudaki, Abumansur Dakiki, Abulkosim Firdavsi, Abuali ibni Sino, Abulqosim Unsuri, Aburaihon Berunee, Omar Khayyam, NosirKhusrav, SaadiShirazi (Shaikh Saadi), JaloliddinBalkhi, Mawlanā Jami and others who have strengthened and elevated our native language to the highest level with a highly artistic word in poetry and introduced accurate assertion in science.
At the same time, on the instructions of the wise and forward-lookingSamanid emirs, many religious and other books were written, which laid the foundation and created favorable conditions for the acquisition of the Tajik language as a second language in the Islamic world, and in the following centuries to become the language of international communication.
Tajik language hasbeen used for thousand years in writing scientific works. Our greatest scientists – Abualiibni Sino’s “Donishnoma-i 'ala'i" (The Book of Scientific Knowledge), and AburayhonBeruni works’ "Kitob-ut-tafhim" and "Osor-ul-boqia" became the founders of the Tajik scientific language, and this patriotic tradition was then continued by such famous scientists as NasiruddinTusi, Omar Khayyam, Ahmad Donish and others.
Bringing the Tajik language to the level of a contemporary scientific language is very important, which I spoke about many times.
Nowadays, the power and strength of each language is expressed in the presentation of scientific assertion, accurate and clear transmission of various scientific concepts and terms. The future of language largely depends on its application and use in science.We need to make a united effort to ensure that our state language keeps pace with the times and develops to the level of a scientific language.
At our initiative, the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles under the Office of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan started its activities, which established a ground for writing scientific monographs in all fields of science in Tajik. It is necessary for our scientists, scholars and researchers to write their research papers in the state language. I believe that this patriotic initiative will bring the desired results for the strengthening and empowerment of the Tajik language in the scientific field.
Those, who have graduated from higher education institutions in Russian and English and draftedtheir dissertations in these languages,are permitted to defend their theses in these languages. Because these languages are the languages of science and international communication, and knowledge of them is of a great importance.
In the current civilized world, six active languages of international communication are recognized as the official languages of the United Nations, and we must advise the young generation to learn them so that we can protect our national state interests in these languages in authoritative world organizations.
Dear Participants!
The language of each nation is indeed a mirror of its life, customs, traditions, knowledge and culture. In this sense, language as the primary and fundamental element of statehood plays an extremely important role -we can say - fateful role in the process of formation and building of a national state.
We must always remember that the Tajik language in the millennial history of our nation has been the most important factor in the unity of the nation. We are proud that our mother tongue, in the period of independence is still honorably fulfilling this historical mission and its life-changing role.
In the complex and contradictory conditions of the contemporary world, the sun would shine brightly for the nations who gained independence, and create their state and develop their own fateon their own.
We should be filled with feelings of gratitude for the happiness and priceless blessing after a thousand years has again come to us, Tajiks, and in the rays of this happiness, we, along with other states of the planet, independently carry out our domestic and foreign policies.
It isthe State Independence that created favorable conditions and great opportunities for the Tajik language to resonate again and revive. In turn, the Tajik language as an important pillar of national statehood ensured the unity and solidarity of our people throughout the country. Today, the native language inspires us to day-to-day efforts, the achievements of our people are personified in it and presented to the world.
I always emphasize that nowadays, every educated person, especially young people, along with excellent knowledge of their mother tongue should speak at least three to four foreign languages, including Russian and English, which is a requirement of the contemporary world. At the same time, we need to bear in mind that in our foreign policy we pursue an “open door” policy and have established diplomatic relations with 160 countries of the world. This obliges us to encourage young generation to learn foreign languages.
Our ancestors pointed out the importance of knowledge of foreign languages:
“If you know three hundred languages,
This is not the limit.
All will fit someday
It’s good when there are a lot of arrows in the quiver.”
I would like tonote with satisfaction that the number of young people, who study and and speak foreign languages, has significantly increased in recent years.It is very important that the study of foreign languages is based on laws, rules and norms of the Tajik literary language, that’s why it is important primarily to master our native language andbased on comparisonwith its rules, explore foreign languages. Our wise and forward-looking ancestors also proved to what extent this saying is important:
“Proficient you are in your own language,
Easily you can learn hundreds of other languages.”
Learning foreign languages and at the same time neglecting the native one is a sign of lack of culture and disrespect for the nation and Motherland, its history and culture. First of all, parents are responsible to preventthis from happening, they should do everything to prevent such an unseemly phenomenon. We must strive to ensure that our children first learn their native language, honor it and then begin to study foreign languages.
Masteringour state language and not spoiling it by mixing other languages, especially in verbal, is one of our most important tasks.Unfortunately, the wrong expression and spelling, the confusion of the literary language with dialects, rarely used words, especially when it comes to colloquial speech, still exists, which is a matter of concern.
Ihaveto note that in recent years the level of communication culture of adolescents and young people has worsened, and in public areas, including parks and squares, public transport, in palaces and houses of culture, rude and obscene words and expressions are heard, which is alien to our culture, traditions and habits.
We must regularly and to the extent possible, carry out awareness raising and educational activitiesfor adolescents and youth in order to prevent damage to high Tajik culture and morality, in other words, the heritage of our great ancestors.
In this regard, ministries of education and science, culture, the interior, committees for youth and sports, women and family affairs, religious affairs, regulation of traditions and customs, television and radio broadcasting, other central and local governmental authorities, as well as parentsare obliged to strengthen outreach and educational work among adolescents and youth for the sake of a greater affirmation of high morality and ethics, respect for culture and good national traditions.
Unfortunately, the level of eloquence, knowledge of poetry and reading books of adolescents and youth is also of concern today. During our meetings with teenagers and youth we had repeatedly been convinced that they do not strive enough for gaining knowledge, they are not interested in literature, not well aware of creation of classic and contemporary writers, they do not keep in memory specific historical and cultural dates and neglect studying natural and hard sciences.
Therefore, the Ministry of education and science and other authorities with educational institutions within their structures are instructed at all levels of education, regardless of their form of ownership, as well as during summer and winter holidays to arrange reading of scientific and imaginative literature for the purpose of strengthening memory of schoolchildren and students toensure mastering poetic and prose texts to establish essential norms and requirements.
The executive authorities in districts, cities and regions together with parent associations need to strengthen the control on educational institutions and take measures for motivation of teachers and students.   
Beautiful Tajik words and expressions should be usedin the process of upbringing young generation-promoters of the future of our language from the early age.
I have to mention that, in the process of enriching Tajik language, increasing people’s taste to eloquence and preventing of mispronunciation and spelling, the mass media plays a significant role. I highlighted this issue at the meeting with the wide range of representatives of the state mass media this year.
I have to recall that some newspapers and magazines still do not follow the orthographic rules in their publications. Such a situationis often observed at the TV and radio broadcasts, and all stakeholders and TV and radio staff should make efforts to fix it.
At the time when newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels can and should make decent input in strengthening and improvement of Tajik language and the scope of its use, in most cases the simple shades of the state language are not taken in to account.   
I would like to recall that TV and radio broadcasts are watched and listened not only within the territory of the country, but beyond that. In the status of official and state language, nowadays Tajik language is widely used not only in domestic offices’activities and communication, but also in foreign and international relations.  
However, it should be noted that the experience of the past ten years in practical implementation of the Law on state language of the Republic of Tajikistan shows that taking into account the systematic development of the country, there is a need to make amendments and additions to it.     
The implementation of the law revealed that many of its articles have gaps.  Many issues in various socio-political, cultural, scientific and other areas were out of sight or were not published in a proper way, which requires consideration and resolution.
Dear Compatriots!
The state language is one of the main pillars of national statehood,it plays an important role in strengthening and stability of the national state.Therefore, we have declared the state language in Tajikistan as a guarantee of the existence of the nation and the strengthening of the state. This ancient, originally pure language is an invaluable wealth and one of our national shrines.
We, native speakers, owe to future generations for its preservation and purity and must honor and protect it as an incomparable national value, benefit from all the opportunities for its further development and strengthening.
Our filial duty and human destiny is to cherish and love our sweet-voiced and poetic mother tongue as our mother, who gave birth to us and breathed love into us with lullaby song and pure and life-giving milk. Therefore, we must protect it and bow down before it as before the most valuable wealth of our being.
With pride and a sense of loyalty to the native language, I sincerely congratulate the glorious people of Tajikistan on the occasion of the Day of the State Language and wish every resident of our beloved Motherland success, new achievements and accomplishments towards service for protection and developmentof the state language.
Be always prosperous and succeed in all your endeavors, dear compatriots!

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Information letter - International Scientific and Practical Conference titled as "The Status of the Tajik language in the Territories of Central Asia with the population speaking the Tajik language"

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     The Committee of Language and Terminology by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan - in accordance with the Article 118 of the Decree #79 issued by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on March 1, 2019 "On the plan of holding scientific events in the Republic of Tajikistan through 2019» and
in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On the State Language of the Republic of Tajikistan" within the framework of the Working Plan of the Committee - has scheduled an International Scientific and Practical Conference titled as "The Status of the Tajik language in the Territories of Central Asia with the population speaking the Tajik language", which will be held this year on October 5, 2019 (at 09:00 AM) in Dushanbe with the participation of scientists and scientific circles of foreign countries.
     The working language of the conference: Tajik, Russian and English.
     The conference will address the following issues:
- development of the Tajik language in the territories of Central Asia with the population speaking the Tajik language;
- the state of studying the Tajik language in the territories of Central Asia with the population speaking the Tajik language;
- issues of Informational propaganda, Media (press) in Tajik language through Central Asian countries;
- the study of the Works of the Ancient Literature of Tajiks at Scientific-research Institutions in foreign countries;
- the Role of the Tajik language in the promotion and development of Literature and Culture in Central Asia;
- translation of works of Tajik writers in Central Asian countries;
- language and cultural relations with Tajiks who reside outside the country;
- state of preparation of bilingual dictionaries on the basis of the Tajik and other languages;

     Requirements for the preparation of reports:
     Reports are provided in printed or electronic form in the volume from 5 to 8 printed pages in Word format, A4 sheet size, font Times New Roman, font size 14, line space 1.5.
In the upper right corner of the page, after the title of the report, please, specify the information about the author: surname, name, patronymic; academic degree, position, full name of the organization of the place of work/study; country, city.
     Participants can send their materials before August 30, 2019 to our address: Dushanbe City, Bekhzod street 25 or to our e-mail address (kumitaizabon@mail.ru) or our Fax (+992 227-78-29) at The Committee of Language and Terminology by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.
     The Decision of the Organizing Committee on the inclusion of reports into the Conference Program will be sent by e-mail to the invitees on September 20, 2019.

     Contact numbers: 227-64-51; 927-21-53-46
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Вақти худро сарфа намоед! Аризаҳои электрониро пешниҳод кунед!

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Вақти худро сарфа намоед! Аризаҳои электрониро пешниҳод кунед!
Муҳтарам падару модарон, соҳибкорон ва мудиру роҳбарони ташкилоту муассисаҳо новобаста аз шакли моликият,

Шумо метавонед аз хизматрасониҳои ҳукуматии электронӣ марбут ба забони давлатии Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон истифода баред ва ба Кумитаи забон ва истилоҳоти назди Ҳукумати Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон
барои номгузории фарзандон бо номҳои тозаэҷод, номгузорӣ/тағйири номи ташкилоту муассисаҳо ва навишти дурусти номҳо ба таври электронӣ муроҷиат намоед.

Умедворем, ки хизматрасониҳои электронии мо вақт ва хароҷоти Шуморо сарфа мекунанд:

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Commissioning Ceremony of the First Unit of “Roghun” HPP

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Today, the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon arrived in Roghun city to attend the commissioning ceremony of the first hydro unit of the Roghun hydropower plant.
The Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon was greeted with special warmth and sincerity at the temporary airport of Roghun’s construction site by the Prime Minister of the country Qohir Rasulzoda.
The representatives of Russia, Italy, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan as well as leading experts of regional and international organizations were invited to Tajikistan to participate in this historic event.

The opening ceremony of the first hydro unit of this biggest hydropower facility runs through the news of the world media. The solemn opening ceremony of the first unit of “Roghun” hydropower plant is broadcasted live on all state TV and radio channels of Tajikistan. Two hundred local and foreign media staff and journalists reported on this important event, including influential international news agencies from the USA, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, Great Britain, China, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.
The Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon, by pressing the button put into operation a 500kV power transmission line, thereby fulfilling the long-standing aspiration of the Tajik people.
Total amount of 650 TJS was allocated for the construction of the 500kV power transmission line, which was implemented in the framework of the restoration and construction of 500kV high-voltage transmission line through Districts of Republican Subordination (DRS) Project. The project has started in September 2017 and should be completed within specified deadlines, i.e. August 2021.
Then, the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon launched the gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear (GIS) for the Roghun hydropower plant.
Installation of Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) was completed on February 2018 at a high quality level with the participation of local experienced specialists.
There are 19 units of 500kV GIS and 4 units of 220kV GIS installed at this site. Energy can be transferred by integrated energy grid of the country through six 500 kV overhead transmission line. In addition, from this equipment the electricity will be transferred to the Roghun city power substation by one two-chain 220kV line.
Germany-based Siemens AG has equipped the GIS for the Roghun hydropower plant. Namely, from this hall the electricity generated at the “Roghun” HPP will be supplied to the power transmission lines by means of equipment produced by reputable world companies.
57 units of 500kV poles of gas-insulated switches, 99 transformers, 30 extension modules, 168 units of distributors, 48 voltage transformers, 30 units of 500 kV voltage limiters are installed inside the building of the complete gas-insulated switchgears. Along with the 36th poles, medium power transmission modules are installed. All 500 kV poles are equipped with protective metal structures.
On 16 November 2018 a momentous event has taken place in the history of the statehood of independent Tajikistan that has made a significant contribution to achieve energy independence.
The Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon in a solemn ceremony has launched the first hydro unit of “Roghun” Hydro Power Plant and gave a start to operation of this magnificent project of the century that will contribute to the development of the country.
Construction workers, activists and intellectuals, young people, elders, heads and staff of Dushanbe – based diplomatic missions, as well as representatives of international organizations have attended the launching ceremony of the first hydro unit of “Roghun” Hydro Power Plant.
After being launched the first hydro unit of “Roghun” HPP will be connected to an integrated energy grid of the country. Now the light and heat of the palace of light of Tajikistan – “Roghun” has entered the houses of people of Tajikistan. Glorious people of Tajikistan were eagerly waiting for this day.
At the commissioning ceremony of the first hydro unit of the Roghun HPP, the Head of State Emomali Rahmon stressed that “For many years glorious people of Tajikistan were eagerly waiting for this day, and dedicated and patriotic workers – highly qualified specialists and constructors have been working days and nights in order to make this date happen sooner, i.e. today is the day of light and the realization of national aspirations.”
In the machine room, the President of the country Emomali Rahmon, in honor of this historic event – the commissioning of the first unit of the Roghun Hydroelectric Power Plant, left an autograph in the book “Rogun – Palace of Light”.
The accuracy of the running unit of the Roghun HPP was determined by the laying of a coin, and thus the operation of the first unit of the station was found to meet the requirements.
It has to be mentioned, that on 29 October 2016 construction of “Roghun” dam was officially launched by Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon. That day the President of the country has taken the wheel of bulldozer and blocked the flow of Vakhsh River and hence, has launched construction of the dam of this hydropower station.
“Roghun” HPP has the biggest capacity out of the hydropower facilities on the Vakhsh River and comprises 6 aggregates with energy capacity of 600 MW for each. “Roghun” HPP with energy capacity of 3600 MW (more than 17 billion kWh) will be the biggest hydropower station in the region. This number is 1,5 times higher compared to the existing capacity of “Norak” HPP.
“Roghun” was named by Leader of the country as the matter of life and death of the people of Tajikistan. The launch of the hydropower station is landmark event in the history of statehood of the Tajik nation and will be written into the history of our nation with golden letters. Environmentally-friendly energy produced by HPP will cover the energy needs of Tajikistan and give a new impetus to the economic development of the country.
Today the first hydro unit was launched. Other aggregates of the HPP will start their operation next year owing to an iron will of the construction workers. The Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon with his far-sighted and humanitarian policy always takes care of the people of the country.
Each visit of the President to the construction site has been raising the spirit of the workers and everyone could observe that they have been carrying out the orders and sermons of the President Emomali Rahmon to perform their work with a particular emphasis on a quality.
More than 25 thousands constructors and engineers and other technical staff have remarkably contributed to the construction of the hydropower station. Engineers are committed to continue to launch other aggregates of hydropower station.
Building and restoration of this vital strategic construction will serve to ensure decent life of present and future generations of Tajikistan. It will provide a solid ground for economic progress and generally for the improvement of all spheres of life in the country. After starting full exploitation of the HPP it will enable to establish dozens of small and medium factories as well as create thousands of new jobs.
Over the years of independence with the view to accomplish plans and programs of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan aimed at achieving energy independence, as well as realizing noble ideas and objectives of the Head of state to ensure the decent life for the people of Tajikistan, based on order of President Emomali Rahmon on effective hydropower resources management, the country began construction of hydropower stations and high-voltage power transmission lines.
The start of the restoration and construction of “Roghun” HPP, rebuilding of “Norak”, “Sarband”, “Qairoqqum” HPPs, the launch of “Sangtuda-1”, “Sangtuda-2”, “Pomir-1” , “Tojikiston” HPPs at an altitude of 3500 meters above the sea level in remote area of Murghob, Thermal Power Plant “Dushanbe 2”, electric substations “Dushanbe” and “Sughd” with a capacity of 500 KW, power transmission lines South-North, electric and gas insulated switchgear (GIS) with a capacity of 200 and 500 KW within “Norak” HPP, substations “Lolazor”, “Khatlon”, “Ayni”, “Shahriston”, “Shahrinav”, “Geran-2” with a capacity of 200 KW, power transmission lines with a capacity of 200 KW “Lolazor-Khatlon”, “Tajikistan-Afghanistan”, “Khujand-Ayni”, “Qayroqqum-Sughd”, “Ayni-Rudaki”, as well as commencement of an implementation of CASA-100 Project have been among the noticeable achievements Tajikistan has made on the way towards energy independence and have been implemented under the provident policy of Leader of the Nation. Upon an implementation of these projects during the past 10 years the energy system of the country has increased by 1320 MW and more than 1300 kilometers of power transmission lines with a capacity of 220, 500 and 110 KW have been built.
After launching the first unit of the “Rogun” HPP, the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon made speech at the dam construction site before the large number of people who gathered for the launch ceremony of the first unit.
President Emomali Rahmon congratulated all residents of the country and foreign compatriots on this important event.
The head of state, on behalf of the entire Tajik people, on his own behalf and the Government, expressed sincere gratitude to the builders and workers of this grandiose temple of light, who showed courage, heroism and a sense of patriotism in this creative labor field, people’s arena of valor and honor.
It was noted that since the first days of independence the Government of the country in order to ensure the necessary conditions for sustainable development has directed all resources and available opportunities to the construction of power plants. The leadership of state and Government deeply realized that the “Roghun” HPP is the most important factor in the socio-economic development of the country, ensuring a decent life for the people, that is, the prosperous future of our beloved Tajikistan.
Construction and installation works at the “Rogun” HPP are carried out with the involvement of 70 organizations and institutions, well-known domestic and foreign contractors, 22 thousand specialists and workers, more than 90% of whom are citizens of Tajikistan, as well as using 3,600 machines and mechanisms.
The head of state emphasized that along with the commissioning of the first unit of the “Roghun” HPP and the production of first electricity, which we have now witnessed this historic event, many works on other major and auxiliary facilities have been completed to date. In particular, a 500 kV “Dushanbe – Roghun” transmission line has been built and commissioned.
Today and in the future, “Roghun” HPP will be the subject of high pride of every citizen of our beloved Homeland, a source of inspiration, and patriotic feelings of the glorious Tajik people.
In conclusion, the President of the country Emomali Rahmon once again sincerely and wholeheartedly congratulated all the glorious people of independent Tajikistan with the first ray and the first spark given to us by this grandiose palace of light of the nation.
The World Bank Regional Vice President for Europe and Central Asia Cyril Muller, and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italian Republic Manlio di Stefano made speeches at the solemn ceremony in honor of the commissioning of the first unit of the “Roghun” HPP.
It should be noted with confidence that with the launch of the first hydro unit of the Roghun HPP, the population of the country will be provided with electricity at all times of the year, and the activity of industrial production enterprises in cities and regions of the country will receive a new impetus, and production capacity of sovereign Tajikistan will further increase in the direction of production of competitive and targeted products for export.
According to international experts, the initiative of the Head of the Tajik state in rebuilding of the Rogun Hydropower Plant is the result of a moral achievement, the unique talent of governing the country, endless love for the Motherland and the people, unremitting efforts to ensure a decent life for the people. This initiative will not only provide the country’s energy independence and give an unprecedented impetus to the development of the national economy, but also provide a new quality and content to the life-affirming national idea of the unity of the people of Tajikistan.
Indeed, the Roghun HPP will illuminate our homes and hearts with light and warmth, the new hydroelectric power stations will be built on the rivers of country, vast energy resources and creative efforts of the people under the wise guidance of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, makes Tajikistan more beautiful and comfortable, and thanks to this grandiose facility, the Tajik people will stand on a par with the peoples of the advanced and developed countries of the world.

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Speech at Roghun HPP First Unit Launch Ceremony

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Президенти Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон Эмомалӣ Раҳмон

Distinguished Compatriots,
Dear Builders of ‘Roghun’ Hydropower Plant,
Esteemed Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today the noble people of independent Tajikistan are overjoyed as their long-awaited desire, i.e. the launch of the first unit of the life-changing ‘Roghun’ Hydropower Plant and start of generation of power in this facility has become true.

This milestone moment shall be recorded with golden letters in the new history of independent and sovereign Tajikistan our current and future generations shall be proud of and honored with it.

I offer my heartfelt congratulations on this occasion to all of the residents of our country, compatriots abroad. May I commend the constructors of this grand facility of light, who have bravely and patiently demonstrated high sense of national dignity and patriotism in the field of creative efforts and the scene of national dedication and extend my gratitude on behalf of the Government of Tajikistan!

With all financial and economic difficulties and by feeling its high responsibility before the people of Tajikistan, the Tajik Government has channeled every possible effort and resources for construction of the power plant and creating a favorable working environment for its specialists and staff since the beginning of the construction activities. We have done so as it was clear to us that ‘Roghun’ HPP is the most important factor of socio-economic development, decent life of people, i.e. future prosperity of our beloved Tajikistan.

Thanks to the measures undertaken by the Government in this regard as well as the hard and dedicated efforts made by the builders of this historical facility the day is not far away when we will achieve one of our national strategic objectives - energy security - as the main prerequisite for addressing our country’s major socio-economic issues. This project is also of a particular significance for expanding regional cooperation since it will serve all countries of the region by using renewable energy sources and generating environmentally clean power and its reservoir will play an important role for regulation of water resources, particularly during low-water seasons and droughts.

The construction and installation activities in this power plant have been implemented according to international standards based on well-grounded studies conducted by highly qualified and experienced experts and involvement of globally prominent companies. We would like to reassure you all to follow in this way until the full completion of the project.

Let me emphasize that we spent almost six years for the project studies conducted by top-notch specialists and experts of the World Bank Group.

As a result of the international tender, we trusted the Italian Company of ‘Salini Impregilo’ to construct the plant’s dam, which requires highest level of professionalism and expertise.

As our dear compatriots remember, we diverted the Vakhsh river on 29 October 2016 and thereby laid a firm foundation for the construction of the coffer-dam for the 335meter dam of the power plant.

Up to date the cavern powerhouse and transformers constructed and some units installed, are unique in the world.

I would like to deliver my sincere gratitude on behalf of the Government and people of Tajikistan to international financial institutions, all of the local and international engineers and specialists, including heads and staff of reputable international companies, who installed the water-wheel generators in the facility’s sixth unit professionally and in a timely manner, and now have been continuing such activities in the fifth unit of the asset.

Construction and installation activities in the ‘Roghun’ HPP are implemented with involvement of 67 organizations and entities, famous local and international contractors and a total of more than 22 000 specialists and workers, 90% of whom are Tajik citizens, as well as 3600 units of machinery.

It is worthwhile noting that the construction of this power plant requires every person participating in this process, primarily tunnel heading specialists and overall all specialists and workers to work hard and be courageous, since 90% of activities are implemented under the ground.

Indeed, the construction of ‘Roghun’ HPP is a unique school for all local and international companies. It provided an opportunity to train thousands of Tajik specialists with expertise for the international market of construction of hydropower plants. I am confident that the Tajik specialists will be able to apply their great experience in this area not only in our country, but also in other countries widely in the future.

Dear Compatriots,

During 27 years of our independence, we completed 25 projects amounting 23bn Tajik Somoni and nine projects amounting 6bn Tajik Somoni are ongoing to increase our country’s energy generation capacity, enhance the energy system, ensure quality and reliable energy supply of the different social and economic sectors, and customers’ continuous access to power, and reduce energy loss.

In parallel with the activities aimed at launching the first unit of ‘Roghun’ HPP and starting generation of initial electricity in this facility that we now witness, we also implemented many activities in other main and auxiliary entities of this project. These activities include the construction and commissioning of ‘Roghun-Dushanbe’ 500 kw/h power transmission line amounting 745m Tajik Somoni and the HPP substation amounting 630m.

Thanks to these facilities, we connected the ‘Roghun’ HPP to Tajikistan’s unified power grid several minutes ago and the electricity generated in this asset outreached the households of every resident of our country.

Construction and installation activities in the first and second diversion tunnels of this facility completed fully and its third tunnel, which was planned to be constructed during the potential water-abundant season to ensure the facility’s safety as recommended by the World Bank experts, was constructed according to the schedule.

The activities in diversion and auxiliary tunnels are also expanded to ensure the launch of other units of the hydropower plant and it is my firm belief that we will commission the plant’s second unit in 2019 as it is scheduled.

Let me note that the today event is only the beginning of our efforts and we still need substantive amount of time and activities to accomplish our objectives fully. Given our experience and outcomes we achieved I can reassure you that we will complete the construction of the ‘Roghun’ HPP within the defined timeframe.

The Government of Tajikistan has spent 24bn Tajik Somoni from the public budget since the beginning of construction activities in the facility. We spent 3.5bn Tajik Somoni from 2016 to present for the cofferdam construction alone.

The noble people of Tajikistan remember very well that back on 5 January 2010 I encouraged them to contribute to construction of the ‘Roghun’ HPP – the source of light and heating for their households.

I would like to take this joyful opportunity and offer my heartfelt gratitude to everyone, who got on board with my request and procured the power plant’s stocks and facilitated the construction activities in it.

In this glorious day, I would like to extend my felicitation to all of the foreign companies, which make hard efforts in this crucial facility hand by hand with the Tajik builders, also to members of the Supervisory Board of ‘Roghun’ HPP Joint-Stock Company, and wish them further achievements and success in their endeavors.

The strong will and desire of patriotic and dedicated children of our nation, which we feel in this field of hard work, hold us out a strong hope to prosperous future of our beloved Tajikistan.

The time will come, when our children and we will proudly say that we constructed the ‘Roghun’ HPP – the grand light facility of our nation by our own labor, i.e. efforts of our glorious nation and in cooperation with the best adepts of this area from various countries of the world.

After the ‘Roghun’ HPP starts operating in its full capacity, will turn into a grand facility of light and heat that will make the long-awaited desire of our civilization creature nation true, and all wishes and plans of the noble Tajik people will translate into reality.

“Roghun” will be the pride of every citizen of our country now and in the future, it will be the source of patriotism and dedication, as well as warm feelings and honor of the Tajik nation!

Our special gratitude and appreciation go to the builders of ‘Roghun’ HPP – heroes of creative and courageous labor!

Our renown goes to patriotic, dedicated and decent people of Tajikistan!

Long live the independence of the Tajik state!

May the peace, political stability and the national unity long live in our beloved Motherland – Tajikistan!

My sincere congratulations go to all of the honorable people of beloved and independent Tajikistan and you, distinguished participants on the launch of the first unit and initial power generated in this great facility of our nation, which reached every household in our country.

May I wish you continued health, honor and happiness, dear compatriots!

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Approval of 2018 International Navruz holiday emblem

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Submitted by Ҳайати тадорукот on 21 March, 2018 - 09:41
Рамзи Ҷашни байналмилалии Наврӯз - 2018

The President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon approved the emblem of the 2018 International Navruz holiday.

The emblem has a round shape; in its center is featured a globe, surrounded by the National Flag and the spring messengers – sumanak (Tajik national spring tasty food), swallows and rainbows with the inscription in Tajik and English "Navruz-2018".

The emblem may be widely used as a symbol of the International 2018 Navruz holiday by ministries and agencies, organizations and institutions, executive bodies of state authority of provinces, cities and districts, and mass media.

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Newspaper of the Committee of Language and Terminology by the Government of Republic of Tajikistan

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Submitted by Ҳайати тадорукот on 2 November, 2017 - 11:20
Newspaper "Ganji Zabon"

Newspaper of the Committee of Language and Terminology by the Government of Republic of Tajikistan titled as “Ганҷи забон”/“Ganji Zabon”(in English this title is translated as “The Treasure of Language”) was registered as a newspaper of the Language Committee at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan under the number of 0339/рз on April 23, 2014.

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