Statement at the opening ceremony of the Square of "Independence" on the occasion of the 31st Anniversary of the State Independence

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Dear compatriots!
Honorable residents of the capital city!
Distinguished attendees!

I would like to cordially congratulate all the glorious people of Tajikistan, the residents of the capital city of Dushanbe and all of you – participants of this grand celebration event on the great national holiday – the 31st Anniversary of State Independence, as well as on the occasion of the official inauguration of the “Istiqlol” square and monument, and wish all citizens peace, prosperity, good health and happiness.

The State Independence is the beginning of a completely new era in the history of Tajik statehood, a new stage in the formation of our national identity and the greatest holiday for the people of Tajikistan.

Independence and freedom are the source of glory and privilege of our people, thanks to which we have been striving tirelessly for the sake of prosperity of our beloved Motherland for more than three decades.

Inspired by the dedicated work of the honorable people of Tajikistan, I would like to proudly and pleasingly indicate that on the eve of the 31st anniversary of State Independence celebration the opening of such a beautiful square and a magnificent monument as a symbol of independence and freedom in the capital city – Dushanbe is another achievement of the people of the country.

We are grateful to be blessed with independence and freedom due to which we have established thousands of large and small facilities across our beloved country, including this grand “Istiqlol” monument.

Recently, thanks to the constructive initiatives and efforts of the leadership of the Executive Body of the Dushanbe city government, the patriotic determination of country’s decent specialists, entrepreneurs and Tajik constructors, the creation of industrial enterprises, social institutions, innovative roads and bridges, sports grounds, modernized parks, boulevards, as well as service centers in the capital receives an unprecedented acceleration.

The purpose of building the "Istiqlol" monument in the capital of our country - Dushanbe, first of all, is protection of the historical and cultural values of the Tajik people, embodiment of significant pillars of statehood, enhancement of the sense of national self-consciousness and introduction of ideas of independence and freedom into the minds and conscience of people of the country, especially adolescents and youth.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the management of the Executive Body of the City Government, architects, specialists, builders and all those who made a patriotic contribution to the formation of the splendid “Istiqlol” monument and creation of such an attractive square.

Dear compatriots!

All efforts, productive and constructive initiatives, strategic plans and goals of the Government of Tajikistan, implemented during the years of independence, are aimed at creating decent living conditions for every resident of the country, ensuring its energy independence and food security, and turning our beloved Motherland into a developed and industrial state.

I in this regard would like to make one important point.

Today, the glorious people of the country are well aware that all the successes of Tajikistan, first of all, have been achieved thanks to independence and freedom, peace and tranquility, political stability and national unity, that is, the indissoluble unity of the Tajik people.

We have to continue to make our historical land even more prosperous and beautiful by our cohesion and collective efforts, mobilize all our opportunities for the development of an independent state and increasing its prestige in the international arena.

In this process, all citizens of the country, whether old or young, should deeply realize the importance and necessity of protecting the State independence and strengthening the basics of national statehood of Tajiks, remember that every step and initiative taken today by each of us is for the sake of people of Tajikistan and a prosperous future of our children, that is, future generations.

From this point of view, it is necessary that our people, especially the younger generation of the country consider the idea of national independence as an important and integral part of their life and existence, pride and honor, a national mentality, and make efforts to strengthen it.

We must always remember that State Independence is the most sacred and greatest achievement of the people of Tajikistan, the most precious gift of our life, pride and honor for every resident of the country, the source of all the successes and achievements of the glorious people of Tajikistan.

Current events in today's world full of contrasts call on each of us keep our eyes out, to defend independence and freedom - the greatest gift of our life, the interests of the state and nation.

I repeat once again that all our efforts must be mobilized for the sake of the improvement of our dear Motherland and bringing our beloved Tajikistan to the ranks of developed countries.

We must pay constant and priority attention to promoting the essence of modern national statehood, respect for the rule of law, the values of peace and tranquility, political stability and national unity, that is, the achievements of State independence.

I take this opportunity to call on the glorious and honorable people of our dear Tajikistan to love their Motherland as much as their own soul, to be grateful for this holy land, to be ready to protect it from all the threats of the modern world, to do everything possible for the prosperity and improvement of this paradise-like homeland.

I am absolutely confident in the aspirations and plans of the glorious people of Tajikistan, especially the patriotic youth, and I know that you, as always, will decently fulfill your honorable mission to improve the Motherland.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate all proud citizens of the country, residents of the Capital city and you, honorable present, on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of State Independence, the official commissioning of the “Istiklol” monument and “Istiklol” Square, which is a symbol of the national statehood of Tajiks, and I wish each and every one of you a peaceful life, good luck and new achievements.

Long live the glorious, heroic, patriotic, proud, hardworking and selfless people of Tajikistan!

May peace and tranquility, political stability, national unity, progress and prosperity reign forever in our native Tajikistan!

Long live our beloved Motherland – free and sovereign Tajikistan!

My dear Tajikistan!

Forward, towards progress and development, new victories and achievements!

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