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Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Statement of the President of Republic of Tajikistan H.E. Emomali Rahmon at the closing ceremony of the UN 2023 Water Conference

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Distinguished delegates,

We came together in thousands, in New York these last three days, for the second ever, first in 46 years UN 2023 Water Conference.

We came together because of the urgency: the water is connected to everything else: food, health, climate, nature, culture, and our economies.

And we came together because of the opportunity: water is connected to everything life. It’s indeed life itself.

We know we must radically change the way we understand, value and manage water. There is a need for a new water vision that will reflect the prospects for the development of water resources for the period after 2030, which in its turn will help to reinforce the role of freshwater resources in the next global agenda.

These three days were empowering: we brought the world to New Yok, now we can bring water action to the world.

The water challenges are affecting us all, everywhere.

Your input and reflections in the five interactive dialogues, in the special events and the hundreds of side events showed that our principles of this conference were no empty ambitions: inclusive, cross sectoral and action oriented.

We have to strengthen the nexus approach for water with food, health, cities and rural areas, as well as energy and climate, and make water the driver for sustainable development.

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